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Welcome to the June Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 1

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Thank you Aisha! I’m so looking forward to this month’s gathering. For a long time I had to taje my experiences and nonphysical connections on faith because the feelings were so muted and hard to tune in loudly or clearly. But as this process sweeps us all along my awareness is becoming more clear. When I saw the photo in this post my first thought was “No matter where you are in a river, you are flowing to the sea.” Which reminds me that no matter how this process plays out for each of us, no matter how fast or slow, or what changes come early or late in our individual experience-we are all in the same river flowing to the sea. 🙂

aisha north

Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

Time is once again flowing fast, and this Sunday at 21:00 Oslo time we have another Gathering coming up. This is what The constant companions have to say about it:

“So let us begin this missive by saying that you have become united in a way that you perhaps cold not have envisaged at an earlier stage of this reconnection. For you are indeed old acquaintances all of you, old souls that have spent many a lifetime connected in diverse ways, but now, you have all come together with one purpose in mind: to connect what has been severed and to heal what has been tainted. For this world that you inhabit within this physical body is a world that needs healing, and your purpose is to play an important part in this process. And so, in order to achieve this, you have…

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