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EarthShift TV Video 1. Global Shift: Eurasian Economic Agreement and New Currency Altyn

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Thank you for creating this new channel Lada! I know most people are not as reading oriented as I am and video presentations will reach a very wide audience. I hope everyone who usually follows the “insider info” from folks like David Wilcox, Ben Fulford, Poof/ZAP, etc will take note of Lada’s blog and YouTube videos because in my opinion her information is based on much sounder footing. Unlike invisible “insiders” who may or may not be disinformation agents, Lada presents information based in real knowledge of international relations and internal political realities in nations we in the West often have very limited or propaganda based news of. To this she adds her own higher awareness and spiritual insights to provide a rare Shift based assessment of real facts instead of speculation. I’m so grateful to have discovered her blog and now the YouTube channel as well.

Futurist Trendcast

EarthShift TV – Video 1

On Thursday, May 29, 2014, the leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have signed the Eurasian Economic Agreement. This, first video of the newly launched EarthShift TV contains fresh information, in addition to Lada Ray’s original article, which went viral, analysing the global consequences of the Eurasian Union and new Eurasian currency Altyn. Discussed are: Lada’s predictions regarding gold, natural resources, USA and US dollar, Russia, China, Eurasia and EU; history of the new Eurasian currency Altyn and its origins; Cyprus banking crisis and its connection to Russia’s gold reserves; what are the real gold reserves of China, Russia, India and Kazakhstan; long cycles of human development; plus striking images of the mystical capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. Read the original article Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn.

According to the Moscow Times (pro-Western, not a Putin supporter), “The Eurasian Economic Union…

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