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Truthout Daily Digest Thursday, 12 June 2014


Feminist Fathers’ Day 2014: #feministfathersday

Tomas Moniz, Chris Crass and Rad Dad community, Truthout: A call to make this Father’s Day a Feminist Fathers’ Day and for dads, papas, bapas and all parents along the masculine gender spectrum to embrace feminism and resist misogyny in our families and society.

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Report: A Carbon Tax That Would Create Jobs, Cut Emissions and Put Money in Your Pocket

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: Giving taxpayers $250 per month, reducing carbon emissions and boosting the economy: This is what the future could hold if the United States imposed a revenue-neutral carbon tax on fossil fuel production.

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Fight for 15 in NYC Just Got a Lot More Promising and a Lot More Complicated

William Blueher and James Hoff, Truthout: Bill de Blasio’s role in helping Andrew Cuomo attain the endorsement of the Working Families Party has opened up space for a more vigorous and radical discussion of a minimum wage for NYC.

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Pesticide and GMO Companies Spend Big in Hawaii

Rebekah Wilce, PRWatch: Hawaii has become “ground zero” in the controversy over genetically modified (GMO) crops and pesticides. Out-of-state pesticide and GMO firms have brought substantial sums of corporate cash into the state’s relatively small political arena.

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What Happens When the Tea Party Goes to Washington

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: For the past 34 years, the United States has seen a continuous erosion of the middle class, while witnessing a boom for the millionaires and billionaires. What we are left with today is an economy that Reaganomics built – and that Kochtopus-funded, Ayn Rand-inspired economics professor Dave Brat and the rest of his Tea Partying friends – want to preserve.

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The Constitution Impaired; the Bill of Rights Annulled


Beatrice Edwards, Berrett-Koehler Publishers: At this point in our history, if a crime is an official secret, anyone who speaks about it is a criminal. The Constitution of the United States is intact, only impaired, but the Bill of Rights has been shredded.

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Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You – He Already Has You

William J. Astore, TomDispatch: Unlike the recruiting poster of old, Uncle Sam doesn’t want you anymore – he already has you. You’ve been drafted into the American national security state. Nowadays, in “Fortress America”, every one of us is, in some sense, government issue in a surveillance state gone mad.

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Bill Moyers | Joseph Stiglitz: How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company: In part two of his interview, economist Joseph E. Stiglitz says corporate tax abuse has helped make the United States unequal and undemocratic, but the Nobel Prize-winner has a plan to change that.

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A Field Day for Fracking

Wenonah Hauter, OtherWords: US and EU negotiators recently began a new round of negotiations on the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement. Largely secretive, newly leaked information suggests the deal would eliminate restrictions on US exports of fracked gas to the EU.

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Paul Krugman | A Failed Critique of Piketty

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: There has been a fairly substantial industry of inequality denial on the right, and we know perfectly well why: It’s all about defending the 1% from the threat of higher taxes and other actions that might limit top incomes.

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The Supreme Court Confronts 21st Century Technology

Victoria Bassetti, Brennan Center for Justice: In two recent Supreme Court cases, the court’s decisions may significantly alter the way we capture, store and consume information and the extent to which we can expect privacy, or control, of that information.

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Meet the Tenacious Gardeners Putting Down Roots in “America’s Most Desperate Town”

Kristin Moe, Yes! Magazine: They’re not always optimistic about the future of Camden, New Jersey, but they’re committed to it anyway, and they’ve created one of the nation’s fastest-growing networks of urban farms.

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Al Qaeda Relaxes While Gun Guys Destroy United States From Within

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: We have met the terrorists threatening our national security. They are here in the homeland, empowered with legal standing to terrorize.

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Elizabeth Warren Declares War on Mitch McConnell

Watch the Video at BuzzFlash

Jim Hightower | A Bold Shift in America’s Minimum Wage Debate

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Bloody Legacy of US Invasion as Tattered Iraq Teeters on Edge of Chaos

Read the Article at Common Dreams

Why Does the Right Embrace Ignorance as a Virtue?

Read the Article at AlterNet

“Serious-Minded” Benghazi Committee Chair Pushed Anti-Obama IRS Conspiracy Theory

Read the Article at Mother Jones

Dave Brat and the Triumph of Rightwing Populism

Read the Article at The New Republic

Five Major Cases the Supreme Court Will Decide This Month

Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

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The manuscript of survival – part 419

Thank you Aisha! I have lived through too much of
the unpleasant response from Team Dark for shining too much light. I’m so grateful that things are shifting and mire people are letting their own light shine. For those of us past college age it’s been a loong time coming but I think it’s very worth it despite the difficulty to see the Earth healed and a return to respect for all living beings.

aisha north

As mankind started to take those first faltering steps away from the old habits of staying stuck in the same rut, it was not an accidental move. Rather, it was the culmination of a long and rather intense fight between the powers that considered themselves as the true rulers of this world, and by the force of the incoming light, embodied in a myriad of different ways. You see, mankind has for far too long been held hostage by those with their own agenda, an agenda that took the presence of mankind on this beautiful planet for their own benefit and indeed as a chance to satisfy their own need to manipulate and subjugate others. But as things started to escalate, the force of the light could not be held back any longer, and as such, more and more of the individuals constituting the population on this planet took to…

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