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Lada Ray’s Warning: Phosphorus Bombing of Slavyansk and Ukraine APCs Breach Russian Border

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Please share this! American people need to becaware of the underhanded tricks the fascists trying to control us thru endless spying etc are getting up to.internationally. Our soldiers have been wrung out and put into a situation of mass suicide and misery by the unending state of war we have been in since 2002-but really even before then. We have to put pressure on our government to avoid more unnecessary damaging wars @ ‪#‎Syria‬ and ‪#‎Ukraine‬.

We are at a crisis point as a species. Right now we are on the midst if the largest extinction event in history of Earth. There is serious depletion of soils and oceans that would threaten our food supply even without global climate change, melting ice caps, rising seas and unbelievable amounts of toxic pollution and irradiation of Earth’s surface from depleted uranium munitions and nuclear accidents.

Unless we truly want to commit collective suicide as a species, we cannot start more wars. We need to focus on solving problems instead of creating more.

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Yesterday, Ukraine’s new authorities and its new president #Poroshenko conducted a #phosphorus bombing of the innocent civilians in eastern Ukraine. White phosphorus bombs, banned by the UN, have been used previously by #Israel in #Gaza and #USA in #Iraq and #Afghanistan: see Wikipedia. No one else in the world has used this diabolical type of weapon, except USA and Israel!

Therefore, it is clear where the weapons, and the OK to use them, came from. The bombing took place on the heels of a visit to Kiev of the infamous #neocon Victoria #Nuland from the US State Dept, who just a few months ago openly bragged how USA spent $5bln+ to “subvert Ukraine.”

The internet is full of horrific images of burned down houses and injured children in eastern Ukraine! Here is one video report in Russian about how the village called Semyonovka, near Slavyansk, Donetsk region, was bombed. The phosphorus…

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