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SaLuSa 14 June 2014 Love and Generosity – Multidimensional Ocean

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Thank you Laura! This is such a perfect reminder right now because the intense astrological set up right now seems to be felt by many as quite disruptive and distressing personal experiences. Every day is a new opportunity to practice that old kung fu meme of learning to be like water. There is no.impatience in the flow.

Multidimensional Ocean

10463983_10152242782349023_283379622980242701_nLove is in your heart once again dear ones. You all look forward to events speeding up and allowing for the full development of the 5D Earth to reach your lives. You are all so ready to expand your consciousness and your love to new heights. Dear ones, the journey towards the 5th dimensional Earth is the same as the journey towards your own 5th dimensional self. The direction is within. Go to your inner self, your inner soul, your sacred space inside your body and connect with the energies that live and animate it. There is a life force living within all of you. This life force has an immense power, and should you be able to connect with it, your journey towards the 5D dimension possibilities will accelerate your own journey and the planet’s.

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