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NorthPoint Astrology Journal June 16 to 22, 2014 Pam Younghans

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Today‘s photo: Auroras over Lake Minnewanka, Alberta, Canada, on June 8, 2014 (photo by William Lefort, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

MANY THANKS to everyone who signed up for last week’s teleclass! We had record numbers attending, and from all over the world, which was both fun and very exciting. I hope all who participated gained some insights that will assist you in the months ahead.

If you missed the class and would like to purchase the audio replay and a copy of the slideshow, that window is still open! Just send me an email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line, and we’ll make arrangements. (pam)

LIFE CONTINUES to feel a bit blurry around the edges this week. Neptune has just begun its retrograde (backward) phase, so the planet’s dreamlike effects are still strong. And retrograde Mercury is a focal point of the coming week as well, adding to the sense that nothing is quite real in the way that we normally expect it to be.

Mercury re-enters Gemini on Tuesday, and then passes by the Sun on Thursday, right before the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. This emphasis on the themes of Gemini tell us that it’s an important week to rethink our usual ways of communicating. We will want to pay especially close attention to being clear in our intentions and in our words. Miscommunications at this time are likely to reflect a lack of clarity we’re feeling internally about the subject at hand.

By the time Mercury turns direct again on July 1, it will be back at the degree it originally crossed on May 22. This means we may also benefit from reviewing the past three weeks of our experience (as much as we can remember!) and see if there are some things we would change, given the chance for a “re-do.”

CHIRON joins the group of retrograde planets this week, scheduled to station on Friday and then go backward in Pisces until November 23. Chiron’s retrograde phase is an opportunity for us to go more deeply into a spiritual healing process, especially with regards to our ability to trust the universe and to accept the unfolding of our lives even when our choices or outcomes are not yet defined.

The issues of boundaries and control are also a part of Chiron’s work in Pisces. The twelfth sign is known for compassion, understanding, and receptivity — qualities which, when taken too far, can become martyrdom, servitude, and a need to bring everything into alignment with one’s personal vision of what would be ideal. With Chiron’s station this week, we are working with these polarities, and starting to release unhealthy patterns in these areas.

THE MOST CELEBRATED planetary event this week is, of course, the June Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer. This solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning of winter in the Southern.

A chart drawn for the exact time of the solstice is said to be the “birth chart” for the next three months in our experience, until the next season is born on the September Equinox. The solstice chart shows the Sun aligned with retrograde Mercury, so we will have opportunities over the next three months to do some important realigning of our goals and intentions, based on the inner work we will do.

THE SOLSTICE CHART also shows Mars, Pluto and Uranus forming a cardinal “T-square” configuration. Our grand cross that was strongest in April has lost one of its cornerstones, now that Jupiter has moved out of range.

A T-square is an unstable relationship formed between three planets, one that requires self-awareness and a good attention to staying in balance. Here’s a slightly abridged version of astrologer Bil Tierney’s writings on the effects of a cardinal T-square with Pluto at the apex (90 degrees away from Uranus and Mars):

“Apex Pluto indicates we are intensely self-driven, and may not easily integrate with others. We may reject assistance and support out of fear of losing control of the situation. We are able to quickly gather and activate our power reserves as needed in situations that demand immediate, decisive reactions.”

THERE IS GREAT POWER in this configuration, but we will need to be very aware of ways in which we carry a chip on our shoulders, or resist cooperating with others. Any patterns that we carry of resentment and resistance will likely be very clearly reflected to us in the mirror of our experience.

In other words, this coming season is an exceptionally powerful time to do release work on those patterns of fear that manifest in power struggles and confrontations. And just think how sparkly clean — and ready for new beginnings — we will be after this release process!



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