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San Diego County Native Wildflowers~

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More lovely flowers to balance with beauty the serious and even distressing news. Thank you Cindy!

Argemone or Prickly Poppy
DSC02268 (1)
Elfin Mariposal Lily
California Coastal Sunflower
Wild Artichoke. These were miniatures though which were new to me!
Here is some more of the striking Prickly Poppies.
I had never seen these before. They resemble small Matilija Poppies.
They are so beautiful and were blanketing the coastal mountains that had burned in prior years.
I am looking in to planting some at The Holler.
Cheers to you from these most cheerful native San Diego wildflowers!

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One thought on “San Diego County Native Wildflowers~

  1. You are a true emapth. Always gratitude~

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