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Video: Mass Pro-Russian, Anti-Fascist March in #Kharkov, #Ukraine

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Thank you Lada!
American news is portraying Russia as the aggressor and our terrible out of control enemy. But in reality the behind the scenes machinations of our black ops/CIA etc are deeply involved in creating endless provocation.

The oligarchs want us distracted, our young men and women crippled and maimed in these constant pointless created wars first to enrich them ever more with more stolen resources that our soldiers die to give them (which is so wrong it makes my blood boil) and second to prevent us here in America from removing fascism and corruption from our own government.

Don’t believe corporate media-not Fox, CNN, or any so called news media owned by corporations or indirectly controlled (Tampa Bay Times is a good example of a paper carefully protected by its founder to be non corporate but now utterly controlled by it’s advertising).

I find it ludicrous that violations of international law are cheered and accepted when we instigate them either ourselves or thru our installed puppet governments but loudly decried when anyone else does them.

The law is only effective if EVERYONE follows it.

Futurist Trendcast

Mass pro-Russian, anti-fascist, anti-Kiev junta, march in the second largest city of Ukraine, #Kharkov (former capital of Ukraine). Demonstrators, many women, marched to the Russian consulate, chanting: “Kharkov is a Russian city,” “Novorossia,” “Kharkov, rise up,” “Fascism won’t pass,” ‘Kharkov against Kiev junta,” “Poroshenko is fascist,” “Donbass, we are with you,” “Slavyansk – a hero,” and “Russia.” This comes on the heels of the Kiev junta’s bombing of Donbass with UN banned chemical weapon – white phosphorus, and violent attack by Ukraine extremists on the Russian embassy in Kiev. See related: Breaking! Ukraine Mob Vandalises Russian Embassy in Kiev.

Note, in the past couple of months, the people of Kharkov were being actively intimidated by the Kiev junta authorities – activists kidnapped and killed, people’s jobs and businesses threatened. This is why the protests in Kharkov and nearby industrial city of Dnepropetrovsk had seemingly died down. However, the latest events made…

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