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A short update on the energies

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Thank you Aisha! You and the CC’s are ever amazing to me. It seems that as soon as I begin to wonder about something, often even before I can really formulate a question, you answer it. I was wondering why I felt like I was sort of spinning in place in one of those little backwater eddies in the river cut off from the main flow of the stream. I wondered if I had lost my center and what might be necessary to move forward again. Now I see it is just a tidal pool left momentarily out of the flow until the tide again rises beyond it. After a lifetime of struggle and striving to accomplish-often even to survive, it’s almost comical how difficult it is to just “be” and accept; to allow and be patient and trust. Thank you for making the learning curve less steep for so many of us!

aisha north

As you have perhaps already noticed, you have already been carried far out to sea by these incoming energies, and as such, you may find yourself at a place that seems both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, and rightly so. For even if you are indeed venturing out into virgin territory, you are also venturing further and further into you, and so, what may seem unsettling at times will soon grow into something more akin to a homecoming where you will sense the profound feeling of finally coming fully home to you. But as yet, you may still encounter some glimpses of yesteryear that may serve to unbalance you in such a way, you might think you have fallen prey to that old and unwanted companion, fear. But fear not, this is not what is happening, this can in many ways be likened to the rapid unspooling

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