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Corvids & Congressmen~

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Thank you Cindy! I adore all the corvidae, but especially blue jays. As glad as I am for federal bird protection laws, I still wish I could have a pet jay. Not in a cage, just a hand raised rescue (all my pets have always been rescue animals, as I don’t believe you can own or buy a living being) who could come and go freely but would know me and always know where to get free food and good music and conversation;-). Parrots are brilliant too but I’m scared to let them fly free because they aren’t from around here. (Tho I’ve heard stories of the legendary cockatiel colony of Redington Beach, FL. I’d love to find a photograph that if it really exists!) My cockatiel used to mimic other birds just like jays do, which made the jays curious. They would sit on a branch right outside his cage and converse. He passed away years ago sadly, but two days ago a bird outside repeated his personal call out of the blue-probably a jay;-)

Blue Jays (California Coastal Scrub Jays) are smart birds and they are handsome birds, and I get the feeling they know both these things about themselves, and even more I get the feeling they are none too impressed with us humans. It’s kinda the way they look at us (see above) and scold us (see below). I always suspect they are correct when they scold me as I surely am doing something annoying.
There is at least one human being who I am certain is smarter than a Blue Jay and that is Mark Twain. So check out what he had to say on the subject…..
“You may call a jay a bird. Well, so he is, in a measure – because he’s got feathers on him, and don’t belong to no church, perhaps; but otherwise he is just as much a human as you be. And I’ll tell you…

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