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Russia-EU Gas Pipeline Explosion and Foreign Mercenary Cover-Up in Ukraine

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Thank you Lada. This is so overwhelming and sad.
The people-regular people who live there not the orchestrators of all this- are going through so much all for greedy manipulation by people who really should know better. I’m keeping them in my prayers. And all of us too really because how much more of this global disruption and misery will it take before a coalition of sane nations aligns together against the instigators?
Do you see any positive signs? Or did you already discuss more of that in a post I may have missed?

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Urgent Breaking News! Russia-EU gas transit pipeline explodes near #Poltava, #Ukraine. This pipeline is called Уренгой-Помары-Ужгород: Urengoy-Pomari-Uzhgorod. This is the main pipeline to Europe.

#Kiev government blames it on terrorists. Apparently those same terrorists created as a result of their inflammatory statements, history book lies, and support of the Ukraine criminal government by the US and EU.

New breaking info added! Interview with Vladimir Rogov, a politician and activist from Zaporozhie: he says that the Kiev junta plan is to have several explosions in different sections of the Urengoy-Pomari-Uzhgorod pipeline, which goes through central and western Ukraine. This is a planned sabotage of the gas flow to Europe. According to Rogov, this was done following direct US orders. The main goal is to sabotage Russian gas supplies to EU, thus inflicting maximum damage on Russian and EU economies.

Unrelated, but also interesting: Rogov talks about recent downing in Donbass of the…

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