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The Colonialism That is Settled and the Colonialism That Never Happened

I really appreciate this article. Thank you for posting it.
This framework helps me also to articulate the place of the Irish and other now considered “white” peoples who were the first subjects of European colonization.
The process of colonization is a process of dehumanizing colonized peoples in order to appropriate their land, resources, labor and treasures.
This process has been practiced at least since Roman times but only the more recent victims have deconstructed it and protested not just the theft but the process itself.
What may not be apparent to most is that the colonizers are themselves the product of this process.
While those currently enjoying privilege based on the construct of whiteness, or the unjust inheritance of wealth from ancestors who were not subject to dehumanizing in recent times, are still living with the psychological scarring, cultural loss and ancestral trauma of colonization.
They have lost something deeply important. Not knowing what it might be since the loss is now ancient they are forever seeking the mysterious missing piece of their lives.
Just as the trauma of the Holocaust can lead very directly to the current suffering of the Palestinian people, so too can the Roman conquest of Gaul lead quite naturally to the original colonization of Africa and the Americas.
Of course, stealing from someone else can never restore what was taken from you so the hungry ghosts keep consuming more and more of the Earth in the futile attempt to fill the emptiness where their ancient ancestors cultures, languages, lands and mythology should be.
As radical and likely to be attacked as this idea may be, I feel that for our Earth to heal, wars to end for good and humanity to evolve past this stage of endless competition, greed and violence; Everyone needs to decolonize and recognize how the legacy of colonization haunts and destroys long after the initial dehumanizing and theft occurs.
The only thing that truly separates a Gaulish slave in Rome from a Zulu slave in Charleston is a few thousand years not race, or country of origin because both are human beings who have been dehumanized and whose descendants bear those scars invisibly until healing is achieved.


by Andrea Smith

While both Black and Native studies scholars have rightfully argued that it is important to look at the distinctness of both anti-Blackness and Indigenous genocide, sometimes this focus on the distinctness obscures how, in fact, they are mutually reinforcing. There is much to be said about these interconnections, and this work has been explored by many in this blog series, in the #decolonizesaam Twitter discussion on anti-Blackness, and elsewhere. Here, I want to focus on how anti-Blackness and Indigenous genocide are connected through colonialism, and further expand on how colonialism constructs both the labor of Indigenous and Black peoples, in particular and different ways, in order to secure the settler state. In this article I want to focus on how settler colonialism is enabled through the erasure of colonialism against Black peoples as well as the erasure of Indigenous labor, with a particular emphasis on some of…

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2014 Spring Quarter Recap by Denise le Fey

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2014 Spring Quarter Recap

by Denise

I have that great old song by the Who playing in my head — ‘I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles…’ And it’s about time after all I’ve personally been through throughout the 2014 spring quarter months (fall quarter in the Southern Hemisphere). Like I said before, sometimes I, sometimes we […]

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Truthout Daily Digest Thursday, 19 June 2014

WikiLeaks Reveals Global Trade Deal Kept More Secret Than the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: Embattled WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange announced Wednesday from London the publication of a secret draft text of the Trade in Services Agreement, a controversial global trade agreement said to make it easier for corporations to make profits and operate with impunity across borders.

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Lyme Disease Is a Feminist Issue: An Interview With Sini Anderson

Dennis J. Bernstein, Truthout: KPFA host of “Flashpoints” Dennis Bernstein interviewed feminist filmmaker Sini Anderson about her upcoming documentary on Lyme disease,The Punk Singer, from a feminist perspective. Anderson was prompted to make the film after noticing the predominance of women with neurological Lyme disease.

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The Big Money Behind California’s Tenure Lawsuit

Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: The Vergara v. California lawsuit, which banned teacher tenure, was ostensibly about the needs of low-income public school children, but a motley crew of venture capitalists, charter investors and administration officials are the real power behind the suit’s education “reform” agenda.

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“Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Signatory to a Boycott of Israel?” The BDS Movement and the Return of McCarthyism

Chip Gibbons, Truthout: State and private attempts to silence and isolate public supporters of the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions movement are eerily reminiscent of McCarthyist tactics to silence, destroy and intimidate political opponents.

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99 Rise on the Move: The Occupation of Sacramento

Rivera Sun, Truthout: Citizens plan to occupy California’s Capitol if their demands to get money out of politics are not met by June 22. Regardless of whether the demands are met in this wave of the struggle or not, the movement is breaking through the illusion of powerlessness that plagues the American people.

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Inside the Koch Brothers’ Secret Billionaire Summit

Lauren Windsor, The Nation: Attendees of the highly secretive mega-donor conference discussed strategy on campaign finance, climate change, health care, higher education and opportunities for taking control of the Senate.

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In a Maryland Jail, Teens Charged as Adults Face Isolation and Neglect

Aviva Stahl, Solitary Watch: Children held in isolation in adult jails and state prisons, thought to number in the thousands across the country, are trapped in a kind of purgatory: facing charges in adult court and held in adult facilities, but kept in involuntary lockdown for “their own protection” from the adult prisoners who surround them.

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Acid Seas Threaten Creatures That Supply Half the World’s Oxygen

Martha Baskin and Mary Bruno, Crosscut: Ocean acidification is turning phytoplankton toxic. This is bad news for the many species (humans included) that rely on them as a principal source of food and oxygen.

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It’s Complicated: Facebook’s History of Tracking You

Julia Angwin, ProPublica: Facebook announced it will start using its “Like” button and similar tools to track people across the internet for advertising purposes. Here is the long history of the revelations and Facebook’s denials.

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Enbridge Pipeline Decision Violates Rights of First Nations

Anton Woronczuk, The Real News Network: Chief Na’Moks of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation says the pipeline will have a devastating impact on the environment of First Nations communities. “How could anything trump environmental impacts?” he said. “One thing about the environment: if you destroy it, it’s gone.”

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Paul Krugman | Serious Voices Drown Out Sensible Ones in Europe

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “I know a place where noble bipartisan seriousness truly rules, where the great and the good come together to form a consensus about what must be done, and the public is then informed about what it will support. It’s called Europe – and it’s not working very well.”

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Economic Update: Economic Codependency

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on rising rates of young men earning below-poverty wages; Detroit’s retired city workers accepting a 4.5 percent cut in pensions; and the Missouri government struggling over tax cuts for special interests. Major discussions of a new book on China-US codependency and how/why our economic system works and breaks down. Response to listener’s question on corporate taxes.

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EPA Chief Reveals White House to Kickstart Nuke Plants: Obama’s Fukushima, Chernobyl Amnesia

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: President Obama should be facilitating the phasing out of nuclear power plants instead of encouraging their ongoing use.

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Fox News Host Grills Dick Cheney: “You Got It Wrong” on Iraq

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No Justice: Expect Upheavals When US Government Defends Big Polluters at Victims’ Expense

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Al Gore | The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate

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The Second Amendment Doesn’t Say What You Think It Does

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Ten Years of Failure: Farmers Deceived by GM Corn

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Gitmo Attorneys Have Lost Sleep After Watching “Extremely Disturbing” Force-Feeding Videos

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Major Newspaper Dumps George Will, Apologizes for “Offensive” Rape Column

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