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NRA Demands Convicted Stalkers And Abusive Boyfriends Be Allowed To Own Guns

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Thank you for posting this! I’ve recently lost friends because they insisted that ANY mention of sensible gun regulations was “pushing for a gun ban”. I grew up on a farm using guns and I know plenty of responsible gun owners who DO emphatically support and promote sensible regulations like this that help minimize criminal gun use while not actually banning guns. Perhaps if someone is concerned with owning weapons, they will learn the restraint and self control necessary to avoid random violence that could result in restrictions. This could only be a good thing since such restraint is necessary to being a responsible gun owner.

The Fifth Column

NRA VP Wayne LaPierre caricature. Caricature of Wayne La Pierre by Donkey Hotey cc 2012

This is how we know the NRA is not interested in gun safety or gun regulations.  Their agenda is to placate the gun manufacturers.  It’s always been that way and it looks like it always will…

Addicting Info

The night is dark, every breeze stirs the summer bushes and startles her. Is he there? Or is she imagining things? If only the street light were closer to her car. She tells herself that she only needs to make it 12 more steps to her car. And then she is there. Her hand trembles so badly that she drops her keys. But finally she is inside her car, locks the doors and leans back letting out a slow sigh of relief.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” comes a familiar voice from the backseat. She can feel the cold muzzle of his…

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