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Aurora Dreamflights

I am reposting this from Indyinfo because I haven’t been able to find the link myself.

For neuronauts and everyone interested in exploring the possibilities in consciousness, dreams and more advanced human abilities, these Dreamflights are a wonderful hands on opportunity.

Likewise for UFO, sci-fi and space enthusiasts with open minds (ie those who lack the reflexive, knee jerk response of feeling an overwhelming need to disprove or “debunk” anything cutting edge, new, exploratory, experimental and”unproven”.

Also, everyone fascinated by the spiritual concept of Unity, collective consciousness, the interaction of consciousness with the unified field, readers of David Wilcock’s Source Field Investigation and Synchronicity Key books, and members of the Institute of Noetic sciences will likely find these journeys a useful tool.

I’m very much looking forward to further exploration and hopefully encountering some of you “on board” the Aurora.

AuroraHi guys, a few of you asked me for the links to Aurora Dreamflight procedure. Here is the link with all the FAQ:

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Truthout Daily Digest Friday, 27 June 2014

The Ultra-Right-Wing State Nobody Mentions

Bryan K. Bullock, Truthout: Quick! Name the state that’s been ground zero for privatization of public resources, voter ID laws, assaults on reproductive rights, lax environmental regulations, dismantling unions, enacting ALEC-sponsored legislation, creation of charter schools and voucher, anti-immigrant initiatives and more. It’s not Texas or Arizona…

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Iraq and Detroit: Both Plundered by the Same Bandits

Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report: Very powerful people in boardrooms and government offices made decisions that turned Detroit into an Iraq in the United States’ midst and now sneer at pleas for mercy. Just as Iraq’s infrastructure has been destroyed, Detroit residents now live without basic services, which ought to be regarded as a human right.

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“Open Season on Reproductive Health Care Clinics”: A Clinic Escort Responds to McCullen Ruling

Katie Klabusich, The Brad Blog: “I am a long-time clinic defense escort volunteer in cities from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York. The idea that the people standing outside clinics screaming and yelling, chasing people into the streets and threatening staff are there for First Amendment expression reasons would be laughable if the potential for violence wasn’t so real.”

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Robert Pollin: Why Did Economy Shrink So Dramatically During the First Quarter of 2014?

Anton Woronczuk, The Real News Network: “We’re talking about roughly a 3 percent decline in GDP growth in one quarter. That is greater than the decline that occurred in the entire recession of 2001 and in the entire recession of 1970. So this is a huge number,” says economist Robert Pollin.

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Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Money Is a “Trade Secret”

Justin Elliott, ProPublica: Just how badly does the American Red Cross want to keep secret how it raised and spent over $300 million after Hurricane Sandy? The charity hired a fancy law firm to fight a public request filed with New York state, arguing that information about its Sandy activities is a “trade secret.”

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A Forgotten Community in New Orleans: Life on a Superfund Site

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: Shannon Rainey’s home in Gordon Plaza is part of a subdivision developed by the city in 1981 on top of the Agriculture Street landfill. No one disclosed to the buyers that their new homes were built on top of a dump that was closed in 1965.

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Fifty Years After Freedom Summer, US Faces Greatest Curbs on Voting Rights Since Reconstruction

Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now!: In a week marking the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, Mississippi was in the news when African-American voters crossed party lines to help Republican Sen. Thad Cochran narrowly defeat a Tea Party challenger to win his party’s nomination.

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This Might Be the Biggest Reason to End the Tipped Minimum Wage

Emily DiVito, Campaign For America’s Future: Women represent 72 percent of all workers in tipped-wage jobs – those with a federal minimum wage of just $2.13 an hour. This means women are disproportionately placed in the very compromising position of having to please customers to earn enough to have decent take-home pay.

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Judge Says Constitution Doesn’t Exempt Religious from Vaccinations

Crystal Shepeard, Care2: While New York does not allow for “personal belief” exemptions, states that do are considering re-examining such policies due to the numerous outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases over the past several years. The attorney for the plaintiffs has said they would appeal the ruling.

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Zimbabwe’s Unfolding Humanitarian Disaster: We Visit the 18,000 People Forcibly Relocated to Ruling Party Farm

Davison Mudzingwa and Francis Hweshe, Inter Press Service: There is great concern for displaced families settled in an area earmarked for a proposed biofuel project. The project is set to be driven by the Zimbabwe Bio-Energy company, a partnership between the Zimbabwe Development Trust and private investors.

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Police SWAT Teams in Massachusetts Claim They are Nonprofit Organizations and Unaccountable

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: An ACLU report about a SWAT team standoff bears an ominous title: “Militarization of Police in Massachusetts Is Shrouded in Secrecy.” It certainly sounds like more evidence of an emerging police state, one that is evading transparency and accountability.

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Eugene Robinson | The Useless, Feckless, Dangerous Reality of United States’ Drone War

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Ted Koppel Skewers Bill O’Reilly to His Face

Watch the Video at Fox News

Boston Ramps Up Police Presence Around Abortion Clinics After Supreme Court Ruling

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Hobby Lobby: Supreme Court to Rule in Landmark Birth Control Case on Monday

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Paul Krugman | The Incompetence Dogma

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Obama Administration Seeking $500M to Train “Moderate” Syrian Rebels

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Win for “Rightful Stewards of the Land”: Canadian Court Sides With First Nations

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