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Aurora Dreamflights

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I am reposting this from Indyinfo because I haven’t been able to find the link myself.

For neuronauts and everyone interested in exploring the possibilities in consciousness, dreams and more advanced human abilities, these Dreamflights are a wonderful hands on opportunity.

Likewise for UFO, sci-fi and space enthusiasts with open minds (ie those who lack the reflexive, knee jerk response of feeling an overwhelming need to disprove or “debunk” anything cutting edge, new, exploratory, experimental and”unproven”.

Also, everyone fascinated by the spiritual concept of Unity, collective consciousness, the interaction of consciousness with the unified field, readers of David Wilcock’s Source Field Investigation and Synchronicity Key books, and members of the Institute of Noetic sciences will likely find these journeys a useful tool.

I’m very much looking forward to further exploration and hopefully encountering some of you “on board” the Aurora.

AuroraHi guys, a few of you asked me for the links to Aurora Dreamflight procedure. Here is the link with all the FAQ:

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