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Activists Organize Water Week To Respond To Detroit, HP Water Crises

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Thank you for sharing this. Privatizing natural resources that belong to everyone is insane. Water, necessary for life, is an inherent right of all living beings.

Critical Moment


Detroit’s decision to cut off water to thousands of residents this month has provoked an international outcry. Yet, while it’s encouraging to hear U.N. experts say the shut off policy “constitutes a violation of the human right to water,” their remarks certainly don’t take the pressure of local residents to hold the Emergency Manager-backed water department accountable.

Fortunately, Detroiters aren’t backing down. In fact, a local group called the Detroit Water Brigade is sponsoring a Water Week in Detroit and Highland Park, which started June 29, to organize community members around the issue of water cuts.

Backed by the People’s Water Board Coalition, which includes local community groups like the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, EMEAC and Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management, Water Week aims to educate residents facing shut offs about their rights and is pushing for a water affordability plan so all Detroiters have access to water. DBC…

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