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NorthPoint Astrology Journal June 30 to July 6, 2014 Pam Younghans

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Today‘s photo: “A Very Young Moon” on June 28, 2014, as seen from Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, Gauteng Province, South Africa (photo by Allen Versfeld, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

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TRUE TO FORM, last week’s Uranus-Mars opposition has corresponded with significant breakthroughs and breakdowns — and perhaps a combination of both woven through our experience.

If we look closely, we may see that something about our current experience links back to previous dates in our cycle of change — at least back to the grand cross in April of this year, but perhaps linked to all of the times of strongest effect for our ongoing Pluto-Uranus square.

The transformational influence of that planetary combination began in late 2011, and has had strongest effect around the times when the aspect was exact — in June and September of 2012 and in May and October/November of 2013.

AND YET, we’re not quite done. More of the story is yet to be woven into our tapestry. We have two more passes of the Pluto-Uranus square, on December 15 of this year, and on March 17 of 2015. By that time, we will see even more clearly the purposes and potentials that have been a part of the breakthroughs and breakdowns.

All we know for sure right now is that the intentions of the planets are for empowerment (Pluto) through tearing down of the old structures that have become too confining (Capricorn), and for liberation (Uranus) through breaking free from fears that have limited our expansion (Mars).

What’s interesting is the different levels that these energies reach into. We may see tangible events in our physical lives, but we are also working with old mental constructs and misperceptions, and old emotional patterns and dependencies. We’re ready for a new life experience, and through the breakthroughs and breakdowns, we’re clearing away the dross — on many levels — that has kept us unempowered and limited.

MERCURY goes direct on the first day of July (Tuesday, at 5:49p PDT). The ending of Mercury’s retrograde phase should be a relief to those who have postponed decisions or implementation of plans, waiting to have Mercury’s forward motion supporting them.

And yet, hopefully, all of us have gained some insights during this 24-day time of review that is now completing. Mercury goes retrograde every four months, and always makes sure we pause to take a breath and look at life in new ways — often because we have run into a glitch that compels our attention and interrupts our usual procedures. But if we can acknowledge the glitch as a reminder to get out of our mental ruts, we will have accepted the gift of Mercury’s retrograde phase.

THE MOST IMPORTANT planetary influence this week comes in the form of a Pluto-Sun opposition on Friday. Oppositions are about awareness, as we see polarities, have choices, and are provided with opportunities to find new balance.

Pluto, of course, is a primary participant in our course of change, so important developments may occur toward the end of this week. With the Sun in Cancer, we may be tempted to hide from the change, to defend against it, or to feel overwhelmed by it.

But, we can also choose to embrace the change that Pluto represents. What will be vital to remember is that to maintain our balance, we must also acknowledge, support and nurture the small child within each of us that is fearful of the changes that are before us.

Simply ignoring the inner child, getting impatient with it, or telling it to sit in the back seat is not the solution! This aspect of us needs our soothing. Once it feels sure that it is supported, it will be much happier to sit in the back seat and trust the driver, and everyone will have a much calmer ride.



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  1. I was photographing it last night but this foto is better!

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