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NorthPoint Astrology Journal July 7 to 13, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Spectacular sunset seen recently in East Providence, Rhode Island, USA (credit: Mary Umbricht, onSpaceWeather.com)

THROUGHOUT this month of July, we’ll be working with two planets with very different agendas. Saturn and Uranus are preparing to change direction on July 20 and 21, respectively — Saturn will finish its retrograde (backward motion) phase on the 20th, and Uranus will begin its retrograde phase on the 21st.

During the two weeks on either side of a planet’s “station,” when the planet is virtually standing still (from Earth’s perspective), we tend to feel that planet’s effects more directly. I often use the analogy of a train station to explain this effect:

If we’re standing on the platform and a train is approaching, at first the vibration and the sound are distant. As the train gets closer and also starts slowing, the vibration and sound get stronger. When the train finally comes to a halt, the vibration and sound are at their most intense in our experience. Then, when the train is ready to leave the station, we have a reversal of our experience, with the sound and vibration slowly diminishing.

SATURN AND URANUS change direction twice every year, so we are certainly familiar with their “train in the station” effects. What makes it very interesting this month is that the two planets reach their respective stations within about 25 hours of each other — and that these two are not very compatible when it comes to their effects.

Saturn is the Teacher, the Keeper of Time, the Law Enforcer. When Saturn’s energy is strong, we feel more compelled to look at life realistically and practically. We are encouraged and rewarded for our efforts to be responsible and disciplined.

On the other hand, Uranus has been called the God of Chaos. Uranus inspires the rebel within us to come forward. Like all the planets, Uranus is also a teacher, but is teaching us to pay attention to what is right for us, even if (or maybe especially if) it goes against the expectations of others, of society, or even of ourselves.

This is clearly a time when we may feel conflicted about right action. “Should I stay or should I go?” is likely to be our theme song this month.

ONE MORE THING calling our attention is that Saturn and Uranus will each be at 16 degrees of their respective signs when they change direction (Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries).

This will have special impact on anyone who has planets or points in their natal chart between 15 and 17 degrees of any sign. If this is true for you, both Saturn and Uranus will be working very intentionally with you — and you may feel the push-pull more strongly than others.

PERHAPS it will help if we stay focused on what each of these planets wants us to learn during this time. Saturn is in Scorpio, and so requires that we pay attention to what is beneath the surface.

While we don’t want to become cynical and suspicious, there is a certain lesson here about not taking things at face value. We want to be sure of what is real, what we really want, and what motivations are driving us and the others involved.

Saturn is also cautious and conservative, and gives an “A-plus” to any student who follows that example.

IN COMPARISON, Uranus in Aries is freedom-loving, ready to take action on a moment’s notice, especially in response to a recent insight or sudden awareness. Uranus in Aries doesn’t care about the rules. It’s a risk-taker and thrives on the adrenalin rush of new experience.

What does Uranus want from us? It wants us to know ourselves as individuals, with our unique desires and fulfillments and purposes. It wants us to throw away the rule book (that Saturn has so painstakingly edited) and live according to the insights gained from the higher consciousness aspect of our being.

It will be an interesting dance this month. We may feel like one of our stereo speakers is playing foxtrot music and the other is playing an Argentine tango. Which beat will we choose to dance to? Each of us will need to find the answer to that question for ourselves..

THIS JOURNAL is already lengthy, I know — but I can’t wrap this up without talking about the Full Moon on Saturday (at 4:24a PDT). As with all Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, providing the light for us to see more clearly where we need better balance in our lives.

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn at this Full Moon, we are asked to consider how we balance our home life and our careers, our equally valid needs for emotional security and outer accomplishment, and the desires to stay connected to the past but also focused on the goals that lead us forward.

WHAT I FIND most intriguing about this lunation, however, is the stellium of planets in Libra — Mars, Ceres, Vesta and the North Node are all within one degree of each other, they are all squaring the Sun and the Moon, and they are all opposing Eris. In other words, we have a mini Cardinal Grand Cross. (Mini because the Moon moves so quickly, it is only in effect for hours instead of weeks.)

To me, that group of planets in Libra is meant to rule the day, primarily because they are aligned with the North Node, which represents our collective path of spiritual growth. We are all working on new ways of being in relationship, with ourselves and with others. We are all working to create balance and harmony in our lives. We are all learning how to cooperate with others while still valuing our own sensitivities and needs — and never selling ourselves out.

Libra is the scales, after all. The scales are meant to be in balance, not weighted too far in either direction. Each of us is coming back to center, some from over-dependence on the approval of others, and some from the declaration that support from others is not needed.

Thanks for reading through to the end — and have a good week!



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