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Givers of Life~

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Thank you Cindy! The colors in these pictures are so vivid I expect to smell the trees when I breathe;-)

They sustain us
They take in poisonous carbon dioxide,
and emit pure oxygen.
These massive Canyon Oaks grow on western coastal mountain ridges.
Rare giant canyon oaks like these can reach up to 90 feet in height.
These giants are growing in Mt. Palomar State Park which lies about 35 miles east of The Holler as a crow flies at 5-6000 feet elevation.
The acorns created by these Canyon Oaks provided critical sustenance to ancient peoples.
The Luiseno people’s metates, or ancient acorn grinding holes, are unmarked, but visible throughout the park.
I added this as a late postscript. Check out the list of the world’s oldest living trees. Worth pondering: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_trees
Cheers to you from Mt. Palomar’s gentle, life-sustaining, giants~

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One thought on “Givers of Life~

  1. Can you even imagine a 5,000 year old tree? There is a tree in Japan whose roots are said to be 9000 years old! Hugz and cheers~

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