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The Oracle Report | Saturday, July 12 – Sunday, July 13, 2014

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I apologize for not posting this on Saturday as usual but some elements in this weekend’s Oracle Report resulted in my weekend being spent thinking deeply about some very serious things.

I believe that most people mean well, they have good intentions and most of us try to do the right thing, be decent to others and cause no harm.

I also believe that many if not most people are drowning in information overload and simply cannot keep track of everything.

So, it’s not surprising to me that Laura, who I deeply respect and admire, is unaware of the origin of some things she shares in this report.

I could not post it, however, without doing my best to help make everyone more aware. This is one of the reasons I started this blog back in 2011. You see, many people are drawn to a spiritual practice rooted in nature, and this often leads to an interest in a generic, marketed product called “Native American shamanism”.

There never was such a thing before the modern media and profit driven era. In Native American society religion and spirituality are deeply personal, and very deeply rooted in specific culture, location, history and ancestry.

There simply is no generic all inclusive Native American spirituality. Shamanism is a modern adaptation of a Tungus (Siberian) word to apply to similar practices in wildly different societies.

It was popularized by a man named Michael Harner. While I have read Harner’s work and respect what he is trying to do in democratizing certain spiritual practices; what has been done with his work is in some cases part of the ongoing genocide of Native Nations.

Since I’m absolutely positive that Laura and my readers have no desire to participate in genocide, I’m going to attempt to explain how this works and how I believe we can exercise freedom of spiritual pursuit without encouraging or engaging in genocidal activities.

If you are familiar with copyright and trademark you understand the basic idea behind Native American people’s opposition to New Age co-optation of our spiritual cultures.

Unlike a corporations trademark or an author’s copyright, though, this infringement has much deeper and more destructive effects-especially on youth.

Those who profit from selling a bastardized version of ancestral teachings are taking the last remaining structure that colonization has not yet destroyed and commodifying it-turning the sacred into sound bites, fast food for the soul-with equally nutritious results!

Sun Bear, who is native, was on the original list of plastic shamans the Lakota published along with their declaration of war on all who participate in co-optation and commodification of their spiritual traditions.

The medicine wheel and all it’s associated material came from Sun Bear.

While Native Nations have in many cases used sage, calling the four directions in the circle and other elements Sun Bear incorporated in his books, they are far from unique in doing so.

Modern Neo-pagans, the Catholic and Byzantine churches-and all the western esoteric movements based on them like Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, Masons etc, and many others incorporate the burning of sacred, protective herbs such as sage, frankincense and sandalwood; including the elements and directions etc in their rituals and practices.

We can have a modern shamanism movement (which we certainly do already have) without reference to or co-optation of, Native American cultures.

You can find lots more on this topic here on Spirit In Action or by searching terms like plastic shamans and Lakota Declaration of war.

I’m not trying to be rude or unkind to anyone, and I intend no disrespect toward Laura who I know is simply using these terms to help people understand these concepts of protection using spiritual tools.

I just cannot participate in the continuing privilege based entitlement to ignore what doesn’t directly affect us as being unimportant. It is important. If we want to create a golden age; “a world that works for everyone” then we have to become conscious of our own actions especially when those actions harm others.

If our spiritual traditions become fake watered down commodities what will our children have left?

Already our languages are in many cases already gone, our lands have been stolen and polluted, flooded (by James Bay and other hydropower projects), fracked, mined, flattened for cities or tilled for poisonous industrial agriculture, and so many of us are in a diaspora, separated from ancestors and current relatives, our governments dissolved and colonized government imposed by U.S. And Canada-is it really too much to ask that people not keep taking and destroying especially when it is so completely unnecessary?



NEW AUDIO RECORDING: “Shift in the Game II: Full Moon”

July 11, 2014

“Shift in the Game II: Full Moon” July 11, 2014

Saturday, July 12 – Sunday, July 13, 2014

Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: open your eyes to what the Full Moon is illuminates for you

Negative Imprint: anger, jealousy, projection of issues onto others

Positive Imprint: taking good care of people and things including ourselves

The energetics of this lunar month focus on bringing us liberation – freedom – from something that has blocked us. With the Full Moon, we have fullest light to become enlightened to what that is. We look back to what has transpired for us since the New Moon on June 27th. From what are you being released? What is changing? Is it your mind? Is it your heart?

Full Moon phases bring the fullest expression of the energy imprinted back at New Moon phases. Things reach a head during Full Moons. A fever often stirs.

Full Moon phase energy is closely associated with three people – particularly love triangles. The Sabian symbols for the Full Moon phase repeatedly emphasize the number 3. This will manifest in various ways. You could have an unusual sighting of three animals, see an unusual animal three times, be the odd person out, or triangulate a destination. It can show up in any way. This energetic signature will be present for the rest of this lunar month. It’s a signal to us and usually coincides with thinking about or being in the middle of a certain situation. This situation is undergoing shift and change. Remember that this month, things that have been coming apart, loosening up, or breaking apart are in an accelerated process of decline.

And, as discussed yesterday at the end of the audio recording posted above atwww.oraclereport.com, the other question that presents itself for consideration for the remainder of the month is What has been forbidden to you? The Wisdom Goddess Dhumavati wields this question for our instruction as the Moon wanes back to darkness and rebirth. Things that have seemed unattainable, unthinkable, unbelievable, or undoable perhaps are not so much so. The point is to liberate our minds to at least entertain the idea. It may seem quite radical to you based on previous beliefs.

One other thing to keep in mind as we continue under the heavy Mars/Eris energy of aggression, conflict, battle (and personal revelation) is that the Moon will aspect Jupiter around 10:30 pm ET Saturday / 02:30 am UT Sunday – just before the Moon moves into Aquarius. This is the last time the Moon will aspect Jupiter while Jupiter is in Cancer. When the Moon moves into Aquarius and as it transits through Aquarius for a couple of days, shadow sides will be activated (“Black Moon days” as I call them). This is because the Black Moon is in Leo, and triggers not only Leo but also Aquarius. Wise owls who are Leos and Aquarians and those with the Black Moon in Leo and Aquarius will feel this most intensely. Themes involving caretaking, being appreciated, and recognized are present Saturday and morph into themes involving change, order, and status Sunday. If the energy gets to be too much, go outside and reconnect with nature. Ask for assistance.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!

(Note: The power of the number 3 is highly occultic. Three 3’s – as in 333, 3:33, etc. – are triple empowered. The wisdom associated with triple 3’s can be used for malefic or benefic purposes. When you see it, it is not necessarily positive. In fact, the Mahavidyas have instructed that it is a signal that Archons are seeking to interfere and are making their purposes known. All it means is that we make certain we follow our normal routine of protective measures. Praying to the directions (as described in Native American shamanism in particular) – the “Medicine Wheel of Protection” – is a pre-eminent practice. It invokes a sphere around us that is sovereign. It makes a complete circuit between the Earth, the heavens, and ourselves. I have learned this the hard way, so I can attest that it works and it works very, very well. If you see a 333, there is no need to fear. It is merely a signal.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report!

2014 Oracle Report. All Rights Reserved.



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