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Prediction re. Germany Joining China and Russia Alliance

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Thank you Lada! My local paper the last few days has carried dreadfully biased propaganda stories on the Malaysian plane attempting to blame Russia and the Ukrainian separatists. I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by how the liars, cheats and murderers seem to keep getting their way. Despite the fact that I live in America, so the shifting situation may increase our financial difficulties,  I am heartened that the lies, cheating and bullying are no longer sufficient to keep the status quo.  I’m confident too, that Americans are very capable of rising to the occasion and recreating our own internal systems in ways not tied to the oligarchs insanity. 

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New Lada Ray’s interview with The Plane Truth show on the Time Monk Radio will be posted on 7/22-23


I hate joining the predictions race, so to speak, but I have to set the record straight, if only to add my voice to the chorus and to confirm what others are saying.

This is today’s article from Jean’s blog, What’s the Real Truth?

JIM WILLIE BOMBSHELL: IT HAS BEGUN- GERMANY TO BREAK FROM US/UK, JOIN RUSSIA/CHINA ALLIANCE! . . . remember where you first heard this — yesterday, actually 🙂 ~J

Yesterday, I announced this HERE for Neil Keenan. . . This article is such exciting back-up to Neil’s announcement, don’t you all think? ~J

It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive…

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