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A message from Mother

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Thank you Aisha! I Love it that the stone people talk to you and your sister too. I’ve been telling people they are alive and aware since I was a toddler-with the predictable reactions of being ignored or called “crazy” of course:-) It appears that every living being is joining in on this creative Shift and changes. I’ve been feeling very trapped inside and missing the wilderness lately. I so deeply appreciate your photos of the gorgeous landscape and skies there!

aisha north

And here it is that we begin another cooperation again, for I am the one that will once again raise my voice above the din and greet you all as the female incarnate, the She, the one majestic force that for so long has been kept at bay on you shores. But now, my multicolored robes will once again flow freely around you all as the the state of languishing in hiding is now over. I go by many names, but all of them carry the same meaning. For I am She, the giver of life, the force of nature, the One that will join the other half and become complete once again.

For we are ONE, but for eons, mankind has simply experienced a disjointed half of the whole, a travesty of imbalance, a make believe of existence. But now, you have all helped to give free way to…

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