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War on All Fronts: McDonalds May Be Booted out of Russia; Latvia Bans Russian Superstars; Why did Yatsenyuk Resign; Repatriation of Russian Capital

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I’ve been hoping that the mess underhanded meddling made in Ukraine would result in toppling the oligarchs and outsiders, and returning the people to power over their country. I know unfortunately this process is rarely rapid even if successful but the rotten-brained money worshipers who have for so long maintained control of Earth’s people and resources through exactly this sort of destabilization of nations are losing power and influence daily now. Their model can only work when they can keep their actions hidden-and even then destabilising may simply hand power to different individuals and groups-not necessarily the ones who agree with the instigators. Sadly, their work at home in the U.S. has been too well done. Unless a great many of my countrymen awaken to the manipulation and stop the divisiveness and insane push for a new civil war, we are likely to face a worse time than Ukraine in the not too distant future.
I so regret not studying Russian now! I’m looking forward to exploring the music and movies you have shared/recommended.
I think localized economy and culture is preferable and much more sustainable long term than the generic globalisation that erases culture and makes every locality dependent on international networks of finance and shipping for everything.
Sharing our unique cultures and local differences through trade and travel bring more joy and creative pollination to all. McDonald’s, Walmart, Coca Cola, and Hollywood for ALL (like it or not!) is a recipe for stagnation and extinction.

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McDonald’s to be Booted out of Russia?

The announcement I just saw says that Russia may ban some of the McDonald’s burgers sold in Russia due to the fact that nutritional values of the burger ingredients advertised do not correspond with actual nutritional value in the final product. The Public Health Control of the Novgorod Region initiated a lawsuit against McDonald’s in the Moscow court. Cheeseburger, the most popular burger sold by McDonald’s, may be the subject of this ban. There is a strong anti-McDonald’s movements in Russia. As profit margins plunge as a result of the network’s inability to sell its flagship burger, the Russian court sanctions may result in McDonald’s being squeezed entirely out of the Russian market.

Some of the McDonald’s drinks also fall into this category.

I say, about time! Get rid of this #GMO infested, full of plasticisers and artificial colors/flavors poison!

Link to report in…

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