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Clif High ~ The War on the Living Consciousness of Water Here on Terra

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Thank you for sharing this Laura! I’m so grateful to see others are aware of this reality. I’ve been trying to explain it for so long I had all but given up on people “getting it”. The “bad guys” we see are all puppets and tools-even the not seen but conjectured lizard/annunaki etc.
But the wonderful thing about this terrible truth is that each one of us has far, far greater power to turn the tide against the destruction of life in every moment we are conscious and alive. Our loving intention, our kindness, compassion, prayers, loving thoughts and actions, rituals, reiki-everything good, loving and supportive of life, of water, the Earth and all living beings is a blow FOR life and against destruction, hate, cruelty and oppression.
It may sound too simple but that is because colonization is a mind virus that oversimplified the truly complex and complicates the elegant simplicity of nature and reality. It makes all of life a “through the looking glass” experience.
I highly recommend all of Laura’s suggestions and links as well as Masaru Emoto’s ideas on healing the waters, the Earth and ourselves. The elementals are all around us at all times. Giving them kindness, respect and love moment to moment is easy to do and helps weave us personally back into the true fabric of reality.

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