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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 27 July 2014

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Truthout is always fund-raising because they do not take advertising and are not funded by any corporate backers- this is how they are able to do old fashioned investigative reporting and unbiased journalism.

I do not usually copy the fund-raising appeals from the newsletter because I don’t want to confuse people who might think I am asking for donations. I assume readers who click through to read the articles will see the appeals on Truthout’s page.

As the number of things deeply in need of current unbiased and careful reporting seems to multiply daily, I felt I should at least mention that they appear to have constant difficulty in getting sufficient donations to fund their operations.

We need Truthout and other independent news sources like them. Without their professional dedication we are stuck between corporations and governments self serving lies and propaganda, and the internet conspiracy theory mill-which ranges from careful amateurs who do similar things to Truthout to complete wackjobs with racist, sexist, extreme religious and other random axes to grind-as well as the well meaning but clueless who simply parrot and repeat the corporations lies that initially come from corporate spokesman like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, FOX news etc. (I know there are left wing corporate apologists as well but I have not seen much blogging by liberals who simply parrot corporate sources, perhaps because intellectualism is more valued by the left so parrots don’t pop up as much).

Today’s Truthout has a lot of important stories. I hope everyone will read and share-or at least pass it on even if too busy to read right now.

Borderland Deaths of Migrants Quietly Reach Crisis Numbers

Bethania Palma Markus, Truthout: While most attention has been directed recently at the human drama unfolding around a surge of children fleeing from Central American countries, the immigrant death toll on the US-Mexico border has quietly exploded, even as undocumented migration overall has plummeted.

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To Address Honduran Refugee Crisis at the Border, US Should Stop Financing Repression in Honduras

Laura Raymond, Truthout: If the United States wishes to ameliorate the Honduran refugee crisis, it could begin by withdrawing its financial and diplomatic support from Honduras’s repressive government.

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“Therapy Seems To Be What’s Needed”

Translated for Truthout by Robert James Parsons, Le Courrier: The colonization of the Occupied Territory continues apace in spite of opposition from the Israeli intelligentsia. Israeli historian Idith Zerta denounces a policy that has become a dead-end.

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Brown’s Anticonservationist Plan to Re-engineer the SF Bay Delta

Paul Rockwell, Truthout: The SF Bay Delta watershed, the most micro-managed, over-developed estuary in the United States, is now being subjected to Governor Brown’s so-called Bay Delta Conservation Plan, crafted by power elites to continue unsustainable growth and water practices. When is enough enough?

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The Corporate Takeover of “All Natural” Food

Clarissa A. León, AlterNet: The label “all-natural” is surely lucrative. But some of our favorite all-natural and organic food brands are owned by the biggest corporations, like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and General Mills.

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What I Learned Growing Up in the South as a Feminist, and the Problems With Today’s Feminist Movement

Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet: Many young women recently expressing antagonism toward feminism on social media may change their attitude as they experience the realities of the workplace and the economic conditions they will likely find themselves in later in life.

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Giving Women a Fair Fight in the US Military

Cara Hoffman, Women Under Siege: It’s unfathomable to think that in 2014 half the global population will be prevented from a full range of occupations because of their gender. Yet when it comes to women in the military, people don’t think twice about exclusion.

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Truthout Interviews Marjorie Cohn on Israel and Gaza

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Marjorie Cohn discusses the illegal conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza City and non-violent means to break the cycle of violence.

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Reform Conservatives’ New Ideas Are the Same Old Ideas

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: The “reform conservatives” seem mainly to be offering supposedly new ideas for the sake of being seen to offer new ideas.

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Why Are Campus Administrators Making So Much Money?

Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network: College and university administrators, unlike their faculty who are being reduced to adjuncts and students who are being crushed by debt, are thriving.

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This week in Speakout:

Kathy Kelly decries the use of anti-stalking laws to convict a peace activist for photographing an anti-drone protest; Pat Elder reports that New Hampshire has passed legislation limiting release of student information to military recruiters; the Government Accountability Project announces their receipt of millions of signatures demanding a strengthened Whistleblower Program on the anniversary of Dodd-Frank; Tracy L. Barnettinterviews John “Ahni” Schertow about indigenous struggles; Kristian Davis Baileydescribes how the Palestinian struggle is representative of all of those who are colonized;David Krieger offers a poem about the bombardment of Gaza; David Swanson encourages the public to watch the movie DRONES; leading doctors and scientists in the Lancet sign an open letter condemning the Israeli military assault on Gaza; the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation announces the US move to dismiss an anti-nuke lawsuit by the Marshall Islands; the Cornucopia Institute calls on the USDA to make public names of nominees to fill the leading position at the National Organic Standards Board; John LaForge criticizes Attorney General Eric Holder for implying US prisoners of war are not fully human; John Pedler argues that Russia isn’t the only country deserving blame for the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines passenger jet; Carolina Drake points out transgender people need broader inclusion in feminist discourse; Zulfiqar Shah describes how the Pakistani military and US side-step the true purveyors of danger in that country for their own agendas; Thea Paneth says the Earth faces two existential threats, which are nuclear power and climate change; Jim and Jean Anton criticize Georgia’s “guns everywhere” laws; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Repeal Prohibition, Again

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Jews and Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies: Social Media Campaign Goes Viral

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Some 150 Bodies Recovered in Gaza as Death Toll Exceeds 1,000

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New GOP Leader Won’t Take Impeachment Off the Table

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Rick Perry Border-Troops Order Is Only About Politics

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The New Gay Agenda, According to Michele Bachmann: Legalize Pedophilia

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Beneath the Conflict in Gaza Lies the Death of the Two-State Solution

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