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The manuscript of survival – part 422

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Thank you Aisha! I love the skill you and Denise have in clearly drawing out the structure and meaning of the moment. I’ve been feeling very strongly lately that I need to clear all the buzzing thoughts, worries, distress and agitation over horrors beyond my ability to control and simply get properly still and peaceful, grounded, centered in the peace of the void outside of the mental hamster wheel this modern globalized culture works so hard to keep us on.
And just as my feelings clarified into that tonight’s see your post explaining why;-).
It’s very like we are all weaving a vast multidimensional tapestry together without being able to see the picture, just flowing our individual threads into the weave by following the flow of breath.

aisha north

You have for a long time now been prepared to step fully back up to the helm and take over the rudder. In other words, you have been primed to reenter your roles as co-creators of this magnificent world of yours and now, we would like to add some additional information on the topic of said Creation. You see, you have in many ways been trained to focus in a direction that will enable you to literally overlook the obvious, but now your lenses have been corrected as it were, and it is time to once again turn your eyes to the very core. And when we say core, we mean that in a very literal way, for you have been well trained to focus on all of the fuzz and interference and static that has been brought into your line of vision, so you could not see through it…

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