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The Oracle Report | Thursday, July 31, 2014

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New Audio July 26, 2014: Overview for New Lunar Month – “The Singing Stones Bridging Over the Chaos”

Leo 2014 Singing Stones Bridging the Chaos

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Moon in Virgo/Libra

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Goddess Who Breathes Life)

Skill: follow where you are lead

Negative Imprint: shattering, narrow-mindedness, hopelessness, fear of change

Positive Imprint: delicacy, assurance, solutions, creativity, inspiration, imagination

An airy, breathy day is in store today. The energy blows in to bring refreshment and vitality. It brings things to life and to light. It creates form out of the formless.

With this comes a shift in perspective. Our eyes are greatly opened to a bigger picture. Like rock formations towering over a deep canyon, we find the need to rise above a situation. Things may appear puzzling at first, but the pieces will begin to fit together. Take this in as you are able. Don’t rush yourself. Master your emotional reactions by taking the stance of observer until you have integrated the whole picture.

In the midst of great changes that necessitate leaps of faith this month, the tendency today is to fall back into old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs. This makes obstacles. The Crescent Moon phase energy usually creates challenges in order to help us grow. If you are in “mid leap” in a leap of faith, keep going. There is ample support for leaps toward the future, but minimal support for diving back into the past.

Today Venus is located at the energetic degree of “a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of a very ancient book.” The symbol implies that we find what we need and we do so artfully. The hidden or deeper meaning of things is discovered. In celebration of this energy, today’s picture is a grayscale colorization of the Oracle Report logo created by wise owl Szabi. Szabi colorized the logo in various ways, and each rendition reveals new pictures within the mandala. What do you see within and behind the tree in the version pictured here? Coloring or studying any kind of mandala or picture or symbol today will yield impressive insight. The line drawing of the mandala is availablehere to download, print off, and color for yourself in your own way. Or choose another. Mandalas to print and color are easily found on the internet. (Like reading the Oracle Report, coloring the Oracle Report mandala is challenging but worthwhile. They both work on integrating the layers of the mind. Thank you, Szabi!)

This month’s ruling Mahavidya, Bhairavi, is associated with books (in line with the “very ancient book” of the Sabian symbol for Venus today) and also associated with breath (in line with the Sabian symbol of the Sun today with “glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing”). Knowledge comes to us from the breath of spirit – inspiration. Follow where you are lead. A book may call you to open it. A long-lost notation may be discovered. An unfinished piece of art may beckon to be completed. A forgotten wish may be recaptured. A heavily-defended heart may open like a lotus. Again, just follow where you are lead and prepare to be expanded.


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