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Truthout Daily Digest Thursday, 31 July 2014

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Smuggling Has Always Been an Essential Component of the US Economy

Mark Karlin, Truthout: You may have watched fireworks celebrating the “independence” of the United States from colonial rule. However, what if you were to learn that an important factor in the US Revolution was to ensure the continuation of a robust smuggling trade? Peter Andreas, author of Smuggler Nation, explains.

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Without Clear Regulations, Disabled Children Regularly Restrained and Isolated in School

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout: More than 250,000 pre-K, elementary, junior high and high school-aged children – many of them disabled – are restrained or put into isolation each year for behaving in ways that are considered disruptive or threatening.

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Greece: A Nation for Sale and the Death of Democracy

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: The savage methods of alleged “economic efficiency” and privatization increase neither efficiency nor competition, but do lead to price increases for consumers, higher costs for government, corruption, embezzlement and the destruction of democracy.

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Federal Toxic Pollution Website Down for Months, Leaving Eco-Groups in the Dark

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: With a federal website listing thousands of toxic pollution reports scrapped due to a security breach, environmental watchdogs are without a crucial tool for holding polluters and government regulators accountable.

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Poor Parents Need Work-Life Balance, Too

Michelle Chen, The Nation: Labor advocates are calling for workplace policies that give workers more stable schedules and more control over their hours. Now Washington may step in with legislation to check the volatility of the daily grind.

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In France, Progressives Fight a Two-Front Battle Against Israeli Propaganda and Anti-Semitism

Pierre Guerlain, Truthout: Progressives in France have to fight a two-front battle: one against the murderous attacks carried out by the Israeli far right that some Israelis call “fascist,” and a domestic one against the strange alliance between some genuinely anti-Semitic far right and Islamist groups.

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Is the Conflict in South Sudan the Opening Salvo in the Battle for a Continent?

Nick Turse, TomDispatch: Is South Sudan the first hot battlefield in a new cold war? Is the conflict tearing this new nation apart actually a proxy fight between the world’s two top economic and military powers – the United States and China?

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Doomsday Trigger for Megadrought?

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: Unless we start taking the necessary actions to curb climate change immediately, California and the American southwest, some of the most populated regions in the US, may soon resemble the Sahara.

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Violating International Law in Gaza

Phyllis Bennis, OtherWords: A recent poll shows 86.5 percent of Israelis oppose a ceasefire. Yet we continue to hear that Israelis want peace. It’s true that at least some of them do. But in fact, there is a place for those who call for murder – at the highest political and military levels of Israeli society.

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History Shows Why Guatemalans Flee

Gabriel M. Schivone, Arizona Daily Star: Ending the ongoing influx of Guatemalans across the US-Mexico divide requires not only a recognition of the long history of US abuse of the Guatemalan people, but some sort of substantial restitution: from radical immigration reform to extensive reparations for Guatemala.

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Anti-Drone Activist’s One-Year Sentence Will Not Deter Movement

Ben Kuebrich, Waging Nonviolence: Drone protester Mary Anne Grady-Flores’ sentencing demonstrates something important about US militarism: It seeps into every crack of the legal system, right down to the mundane town courtroom, with its fluorescent lights and folding tables.

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Economic Update: Civil Disobedience and Occupying Restaurants

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on fast food workers, GDP data, Salt Lake City dailies and bathroom breaks. Wolff interviews mental health counselor Harriet Fraad. Replies on FDR vs. Obama and on how to counter corporate threats.

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Medicare’s 49th Anniversary for Seniors: Single-Payer Coverage for All by Its 50th

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: It would vastly improve the health of the nation and decrease medical costs if we simply passed a bill implementing Medicare Part E for everyone under 65 years of age.

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“What Is Hateful to You, Do Not Do to Your Fellow: This Is the Whole Torah”

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

White House Censoring What US Public Can Know About Torture Program

Read the Article at Common Dreams

More Blood Than Water in Detroit, Gaza and Iraq

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Foreign Investigators Reach MH17 Crash Site in Ukraine

Read the Article at The Guardian

Forty Bullets in the Head Shows Why Hondurans Are Fleeing to US

Read the Article at Bloomberg News

A Step Toward Holding Colleges Accountable for Campus Sexual Assault

Read the Article at The Nation

Why Republicans Might Still Try to Impeach Obama

Read the Article at Time Magazine

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