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Some Say Hawks are Sacred Birds~


Thank you Cindy! I have always loved hawks of all kinds. Now, because I live close to the sea, I hear ospreys in the morning-tho often it is actually blue jays pretending to be ospreys to scare the other birds; -)
Bobby Lake-Thom’s book “Spirits of the Earth” agrees with your intuition on hawks, listing them as protectors and extremely good and reassuring signs.

Visionaries, carrying messages from the spirit world.
I think they are protectors.
watching over me from up high.
Sometimes a thrill, they let me get close!
But quickly they fly.
Protecting the earth,
from the sky!
Cheers to you from the sacred Protectors~

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Author: ohnwentsya

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2 thoughts on “Some Say Hawks are Sacred Birds~

  1. I will get Thom’s book as I definitely sense the hawks are a positive, protective presence! Thank you my friend~ ❤

    • He covers lots of different creatures-and it is more centered in your area as to the native species. I like his down to Earth style-and his information has always turned out true for me at least-tho we don’t get many earthquakes here so some of his coolest stories don’t get tested for me;-) I still take more care to be kind to ants after reading it.

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