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Truthout Daily Digest Monday, 4 August 2014

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Mexico: Electoral Reform Threatens the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples

Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F.: The political-electoral reform recently approved by Mexico’s National Congress is a step backward for indigenous towns in Mexico. It does not recognize the legitimacy of their traditional electoral procedures, nor does it guarantee their self-determination.

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Israel and Palestine Can Never Be Secure Until Both Are Secure

Michael Nagler, Truthout: When Israelis and Palestinians understand that their own security depends on the security of the other, there will be no more room for violence. Awareness needs to be built of those delivering this message.

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The Inside Baseball of Football Players’ Right to Unionize at Northwestern

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: Big Ten football is a big moneymaker, and its players have organized a union to protect themselves and give themselves a fair share of the money their hard work produces.

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Latest G-7 Declaration Against Russia Over Ukraine Heightens War Threat in Eastern Europe

Roger Annis, Truthout: The G-7 statement expressing concern over the “ongoing threat” by the Russian government to the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine is a coded demand that the Russian government police the autonomy movement and pressure it to surrender.

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Overcoming Continuous Nuclear Dangers and Japan Prime Minister Abe’s Unconstitutional Coup

Joseph Gerson, Truthout: Despite the dangers of a nuclear war by great powers on display in Ukraine, the political coup in Japan that has shredded its Constitution, and the nuclear powers’ apparent lack of commitment to disarmament, progress on abolishing nuclear weapons is being made.

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The United States’ Farm-Grown Terrorism

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: Meat producers and sellers across the country need to say “no” to more superbugs. No animals on factory farms should ever be given antibiotics, unless diagnosed as sick by a veterinarian. We have a right to eat food that’s not going to kill us.

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Dean Baker | Inflation Hawks: The Job Killers at the Fed

Dean Baker, Truthout: Many in the financial industry couldn’t care less about unemployment. They don’t want to risk any inflation that could erode the value of their wealth. Their voices are being heard at the top levels of the Fed.

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Rania Khalek | Israel Uses Palestinians as Human Shields but US Lawmakers Condemn Hamas

Rania Khalek, Electronic Intifada: Both houses of the US Congress are considering a resolution that condemns Hamas for using human shields despite not having any evidence to prove Hamas is employing this tactic.

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Taking a Bite Out of Overtime Abuse

Jenny Brown, Labor Notes: UPS, with its growing package business, isn’t refusing to hire because it’s hurting. On the contrary, business is booming. Like other chronic overtime abusers, such as lucrative television production companies and Verizon, with its fat franchise agreements, UPS does it because it can.

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Indigenous Seed Savers Gather in the Andes, Agree to Fight Climate Change With Biodiversity

Erin Sagen, YES! Magazine: As climate change makes it more difficult to practice agriculture in their ancestral homelands, indigenous communities are exchanging seeds in hopes of finding the hardiest varieties.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Lawmakers, Lobbyists Are Conspiring Against Clean Energy, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: Lawmakers and lobbyists are conspiring against clean energy; according to a new study, man’s best friend gets jealous of other dogs that divert their owners’ attention; Greenpeace wants LEGO to break up with Shell Oil; and more.

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Tom Engelhardt | The Rise to Power of the National Security State

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: For the “Fourth Branch,” this remains the age of impunity. Hidden in a veil of secrecy, bolstered by secret law and secret courts, surrounded by its chosen corporations and politicians, its power to define policy and act as it sees fit in the name of American safety is visibly on the rise.

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Global Warming Caused by the Transportation Sector Could Devastate It

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: As the worldwide transportation industry seeks to maximize profits, it may be racing toward its own demise.

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A Toxic Algae Scare Has Left 500,000 People in Ohio Without Drinking Water

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Some Facts That Poverty-Deniers Don’t Want to Hear

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In the Ebola Ward

Read the Article at The New Yorker

John Oliver on Corporate-Sponsored News

Watch the Video at HBO

Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

Read the Article at The Washington Post

The Meltdown of the Anti-Immigration Minuteman Militia

Read the Article at Mother Jones

Everyone I Know Is Brokenhearted

Read the Article at Zen Archery

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