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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 3 August 2014

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Noam Chomsky | Nightmare in Gaza

Noam Chomsky, Truthout: Amid all the horrors unfolding in the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza, Israel’s goal is simple: quiet-for-quiet, a return to the norm. For Gaza, the norm is a miserable existence under a cruel and destructive siege that Israel administers to permit bare survival but nothing more.

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Guns in the Mental Health Clinic: Not Therapeutic

Anne Skomorkowsky, Truthout: The tragic case of a psychiatrist firing a gun to protect himself and others from a patient who had just shot a caseworker to death illuminates the unrealistic expectation that psychiatric care can prevent violent crime.

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On Roboethics and the Robotic Human

Fred Guerin, Truthout: Instead of trying to come up with an algorithm that captures the essence of independent thought, wisdom or ethical judgment in robots, let’s preserve and encourage such thinking in ourselves.

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Fracking the Farm: Scientists Worry About Chemical Exposure to Livestock and Agriculture

Roger Drouin, Truthout: Recent early studies by public health and veterinarian scientists are confirming there is cause for concern when it comes to fracking’s potential impact on farm crops and animals.

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The United States Has Excelled in Illegal Goods and Smuggling People Since Its Founding

Peter Andreas, Oxford University Press: The history of the United States is a battle over smuggling, from evading tariffs and embargoes to violating prohibitions and immigration controls.

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Truthout Interviews Featuring Bethania Palma Markus on Migrants and Corporate Exploitation

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Bethania Palma Markus talks with Ted Asregadoo about the spike in borderland deaths among migrants and corporate exploitation of migrant groups in detention centers.

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A Promising but Precarious New Normal for the Young and Undocumented

Diana Anahi Torres-Valverde, Foreign Policy In Focus: A two-year-old executive order has helped thousands of undocumented young people plan for their future, but their plans could be erased with the stroke of a pen.

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Paid Sick Day Campaigns Gain Traction as ALEC Allies Push Back

Brendan Fischer, PRWatch: As the paid sick day movement has gained momentum, its opponents – particularly those in the restaurant industry – have tried to thwart it. The paid sick day obstruction effort can largely be traced back to ALEC.

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US Loses Track of Weapons Shipped to Afghanistan

James Arkin, Center for Public Integrity: Three separate systems are used to track the arms sent to Afghanistan, but they are riddled with errors and not linked.

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Why the US and Britain Lost Russia in 2014

John A. Taylor, Truthout: Unscrupulous politicians play on the fearful anger of white males in the US and Britain and use arguments about democracy and human rights to make political theater. Russia provides them with their current opportunity for political theater in Ukraine.

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This week in Speakout:

Marah Alwadia provides eyewitness testimony to the Shujaia massacre in Gaza; David Palumbo-Liu discusses the massive global protest against Israel’s military assault on Gaza; undocumented immigrant José Ángel N. makes a passionate plea for immigration reform in an open letter to President Obama; David Krause deconstructs San Francisco Mayor Scott Wiener’s so-called “Clean, Green and Safe” initiative; Mike LaSusa analyzes Argentina’s default at the hands of “vulture funds”; Patricia W. Hall “follows the money” to see who is really benefiting from charter schools; the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity write an open letter urging Obama to be transparent on information from the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine; Susan Sered criticizes the US for failing to sign on to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities; Dr. Marc Gopin suggests we can change our reality by breaking nasty neural habits; economists urge Congress to mitigate the fallout from the Argentinian default in an open letter from the Center for Economic Policy Research; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

In Rural Villages, Little Protection for Alaska Natives

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Toledo Water Issues Prompt Chicago to Re-Test Lake Water Supply

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Israel Spied On John Kerry During Peace Effort – Report

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Photos: Saying Goodbye at an ICE Deportation Facility

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The Great Colorado Weed Experiment

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No-Debt College Not Real Option Anymore

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John Boehner’s Monster: How Irrational Racist Hatred for Obama Will Destroy the GOP

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