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A short update on the energies

Thank you Aisha! It’s funny how some of the biggest pushes forward toward the good so often feel just the opposite while we are going through the immediate process. I so love how you, Denise and Brenda can bring the positive beautiful parts forward into clarity so the distressing physical, emotional etc aspects recede into the muddy background noise where they belong!;-)

aisha north

As you all know by now, the highway lies before you ready to be taken into full use. And what do we mean by that? Simply that now it is up to each and every one of you to determine the speed you want to go at, for this time, there will be no limits at all as to how fast you can proceed into this brand new territory that lies before you. You see, the gates are open and the signal has been given, and as such, you can take off at any time you want now. And the more you allow the underlying currents to push you in the back, the faster you will find yourself barreling down this highway to the future.

For you are in the fast lane now, in every sense of the word, and once again the key to get the fullest potential realized…

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The Oracle Report | Thursday August 7, 2014

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 07, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Fierce One)

Skill: trust the process

Negative Imprint: stuck in fear, not able to let guard down, vulnerable, arrogance, over-responsibility, suspicion, paranoia

Positive Imprint: leadership, renewal, release, clearing, loyalty, willing to be receptive

As the Gibbous Moon phase of the month begins, magical energies also begin a process of alchemy to change things from one form to another. The Sun, Mercury, and the Black Moon are in tight conjunction until the light of the Full Moon on Sunday.

Gibbous Moon phases ask us to trust. Given that we are in a month where we are taking leaps of faith, trust in the process is even more important this time around. But aprocess is underway. In a grand re-mixing of our lives, things that have been blocking or clogging us are swept away. The process of alchemy distills these elements down and removes them so that we are more refined.

What happens when things are more refined? What would happen to you if you were more refined?

The answers are only good. Refinement brings purity, clarity, and cleansing. We advance, amend, beat, correct, enhance, mend, rectify, reform, revamp, and surpass when we are refined. It is an overall improvement.

But, things are generally heated up during a process of alchemy. Energy is exerted to produce the change. The hot Leo Sun, combined with the cognitive power of Mercury and the shadow-powder of the Black Moon, burns things down to their cores.

We need to understand that shadow sides are aroused, engaged, and now building. The Sun only makes conjunction with the Black Moon once a year, and it is always intense, mainly because tremendous rebirth is underway. The confluence of the Sun, Mercury, and the Black Moon all mixed together at these astrological degrees leads to new creations.

However, these new ways may come about through heated verbal exchanges or revelations of truth and also through plunges into dark thoughts. When Mercury and the Black Moon come together, we tend to say things before we speak – things that are hard-core truth that is often hard for others to take. We also are prone to negative thinking. We see what’s “wrong” or out of alignment so that things can get better.

So everyone’s core fear (identified by the Black Moon in our natal charts) comes out to be addressed and evolved at this time. The Sun and the Black Moon will make exact conjunction on Sunday, August 10 at 7:45 am ET/11:45 am UT. Since this energetic will be in place with the Full Moon at 2:09 pm ET/ 6:09 pm UT, it will continue throughout the Full Moon phase. Essentially we have a process of deep changes happening now and continuing for a week.

Never fear, the underdog is energetically here. The Earth is located at the degree of the Sabian symbol “a watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his master’s possessions.” The Wisdom Goddess Bhairavi, the emissary of Gaia Sophia known as “The Fierce One,” is on duty. Bhairavi oversees the alchemical process that is happening, ensuring that a completion of the refinement occurs.

Today, bask in the warmth of the Leo Sun that is working to make things better. Give a word of thanks. Alchemy is afoot.


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More Signs of Awakening

Thank you Laura! This is so heartening to see. In response to the comment at the bottom, there already are lots of Muslims doing exactly that. I read a wonderful article years ago by a Muslim scholar who explained how the people using the word jihad for terrorism were not using it correctly and how the whole hate driven cycle of violence is completely antithetical to the real teachings of Islam. I don’t recall the title or author right now, I read it in a print publication around 2003. I have seen other similar things online as well. The majority of humanity desires peace and most people do not choose to be violent even despite incredible oppression and violence done to them.

Laura Bruno's Blog

People — both Jews and non-Jews — have been sending me articles and videos indicating that large portions of the Jewish community have begun to explore their Shadow, recognizing that true external peace only comes from inner harmony between the rejected other and the conscious “I.”

One of the best articles I’ve seen is by Miriam Sitrin, “Not in Our Name — Taking Back Judaism from Israel.” This is a powerful piece, definitely worth the click-thru. A second piece is the timely reprint of a 2010 article: The Nature of Exile Part 2, The Solution Starts by Understanding the Problem, by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. This piece directly addresses the need for exiles of any sort to reclaim the exiled parts of themselves so that they no longer feel the compulsive need for fear, prejudice and projection, which result in tyranny and violence. Again, definitely worth the…

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