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Thank you Laura! This is so heartening to see. In response to the comment at the bottom, there already are lots of Muslims doing exactly that. I read a wonderful article years ago by a Muslim scholar who explained how the people using the word jihad for terrorism were not using it correctly and how the whole hate driven cycle of violence is completely antithetical to the real teachings of Islam. I don’t recall the title or author right now, I read it in a print publication around 2003. I have seen other similar things online as well. The majority of humanity desires peace and most people do not choose to be violent even despite incredible oppression and violence done to them.

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People — both Jews and non-Jews — have been sending me articles and videos indicating that large portions of the Jewish community have begun to explore their Shadow, recognizing that true external peace only comes from inner harmony between the rejected other and the conscious “I.”

One of the best articles I’ve seen is by Miriam Sitrin, “Not in Our Name — Taking Back Judaism from Israel.” This is a powerful piece, definitely worth the click-thru. A second piece is the timely reprint of a 2010 article: The Nature of Exile Part 2, The Solution Starts by Understanding the Problem, by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. This piece directly addresses the need for exiles of any sort to reclaim the exiled parts of themselves so that they no longer feel the compulsive need for fear, prejudice and projection, which result in tyranny and violence. Again, definitely worth the…

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