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Predictions: Russia Hits West With Return Sanctions

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Thank you Lada! I really appreciate your insights and awareness of the situation. Too often people see media from the limited perspective of their country, or even one political perspective within their country and see that as the whole truth.
I believe not onky Russia but every country will need to return to a much more local sourcing of all fundamental needs like food, energy etc. It will not be far in our future when the cheap oil for long distance transport of goods will be gone.
Trade can be good, useful and a wonderful way to share the unique artistic and creative results of different cultures. Literature, unique ethnic foods, music, art, crafts, clothing and various other things have always been traded long distance but obtaining necessities from distances easily subject to disruption is poor planning that sets everyone up for tragedies and disasters.
I am curious. You mentioned the fertility and availability of good soils for agriculture in Russia. Did Russian scientists solve the problems involved in “salted” soils resulting from irrigation and fertilizer/pesticide use during the Soviet era?
I knew a lady who was working on a U.N. project years ago involving that problem and the problem of desertification around the Amur Darya and the Sur Darya rivers near the Black Sea. It is a huge problem world-wide and only increasing here in America due to the huge industrial farms controlled by “Big Ag” corporations like Cargill and ConAgra.

I wondered at the time if traditional methods of composting and fallowing would reverse it.

(I definitely don’t mean to ask you to do research for me here, only curious if you were already aware of development in that area in Russia as it seems to be mostly ignored in the West outside of organic farming proponents).

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Russia may ban EU flights across Russian territory

As a result of the EU sanctions against the Russian civil aviation industry, at least one Russian airline “Dobrolet,” had to cease operations. Dobrolet flies to Crimea and now Crimea is in a difficult situation due to a very limited airline connection with Russia. Crimea presently doesn’t share land border with Russia.

Dobrolet Airlines is trying to secure aircraft leasing deals in China and Singapore to replace Western jets it is banned from using. It appears, Dobrolet is also in negotiations with Boeing to purchase 16 jets. I know they are in dire straits, but my recommendation would be NOT to deal with Boeing, considering recent Boeing 777 downing in Ukraine, company’s US origins and reputation.

In response, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is considering response sanctions against the EU. The proposal is to ban EU flights across Russia. Considering Russia covers 1/6th…

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