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The Ebola Scare, Global Pandemic, and the 2012 Olympics Ritual

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Thank you Laura! This is an important post, I hope everyone will read. The more people recognize the ways we are being manipulated-no matter how odd or absurd they may seem to be on the surface-the sooner we can take back our collective power to co-create a world that works for everyone.
I agree with Laura that so much in the new age movement is clutter, distraction and misdirection designed to derail anyone who wants to use spiritual and magical means to make the world better and heal the situation. I believe that many of us involved in or on the fringes of the new age are also coming from a very similar background to Laura’s including real magic, Jungian and translational psychology, fairy tales etc.
Much like Starhawk and ReClaiming use magic in political rituals like the water thing at the WTO protest, many people are consciously combining these esoteric tools with practical action to make sure this Shift really is going where **we** intend.
I always send reiki to those in difficult situations such as the Ebola epidemic, and wars but I really love Laura’s suggestions on using reiki specifically to counter the planned pandemic as well as helping those already afflicted.

Laura Bruno's Blog

For weeks now, I keep seeing images from the 2012 Olympics Ritual invoking a) a childbirth (presumably Kate and Will’s son George, who arrived in 2013) and b) a global pandemic. I’m not posting this for fear, but rather, for potential insights on how to shift diabolical intentions set in motion through an extremely well crafted black magic ritual that used unsuspecting viewers’ energies to fuel the agenda. Long time blog readers might remember that I strongly urged people to skip watching the opening ritual, noting that unless you are symbol-literate and know how energy works, then even the best intentioned meditators would find themselves manipulated into participating in this disgusting ritual.

I do know symbols and energy shifting techniques, but I did not subject myself to the ritual itself. I did, however, see enough recaps of the symbols afterwards to recognize that my intuition was spot on. Some…

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