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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, August 12, 2014



“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ADDITION 10:00 am ET/2:00 pm UT: The Mahavidyas are specific in correcting me with the report today. Regarding Robin Williams (below), note the change to the “power of TEARS of joy and humor to heal.” This is important because it’s always ok to cry, but especially today. This is Bhairavi in action on our hearts, healing them of pain that lingers.

Full Moon Phase: revelations

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Fierce One)

Negative Imprint: out of control, disillusioned, disappointed, empty, hopeless

Positive Imprint: courage, seeing the bottom line, self-control, creativity

The intensity of the super Full Moon phase continues today, and we continue to hold on tightly to our tether with solid ground.

Today’s energy reinforces the feelings of being unmoored and out of control that are prominent during this Full Moon phase. There is a sense of dangling. Everyone’s shadow sides are being triggered to some degree or another. This means your shadow side and everyone else’s shadow side, so be aware that you are dealing with much more than meets the eye with people.

Since the Moon is in Pisces, the shadow sides of Pisces and Virgo (trust and “failure” issues) are strong. Emotions are running very high and are stressed. The energy brings things to breaking point. Archontic interference remains at almost record-high levels with the super Full Moon’s conjunction with the Black Moon.

But we are wise to the situation. We know to give people and situations space under these conditions. We slow down and give due diligence before making a move. We understand the tricks of the mind that are pushing people over the edge emotionally.

From one perspective, we are in a battle while the Moon remains in the Full phase. We think it is a battle with ourselves. This is a lie. The seeds of dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and disregard were sown long ago and are being harvested now.

But an ally has come onto the field of consciousness today to free us from the heavy astrological energies that threaten to send us tumbling down the canyon. Venus has entered Leo, joining the Sun, Mercury, the Black Moon, and Jupiter.

The addition of Venus into the mix of planets in Leo spoils all the plans of the dark side. You see, there is one thing that tames the wild shadows of the Black Moon and that is Venus. When Venus and the Black Moon come together, the two sisters, the light and the dark, are united. The schism of the feminine is healed. Blessings, gifts, and rewards are bestowed. Balance returns.

We are going to focus on this gift of Venus today and switch ourselves to this level. Venus is the archetypal energy of love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure. We will make space for this to settle in our hearts and heal any feelings of sadness, grief, or trauma that are surfacing

The Full Moon phase ends tomorrow, Wednesday, August 13 at 7:07 pm ET/ 11:07 pm UT. We will hold our ground until then, weathering all that transpires, and keeping things real.

(Commentary on the death of Robin Williams: It is appropriate to honor the life of a Master, but especially appropriate to honor it here, a place where many of the “Chiron family” of the planet gather. Robin Williams was a Chiron. His natal Chiron was located at the degree of the Galactic Center and his Ascendant was in aspect to the Chiron Point. His natal Chiron was in opposition to his Black Moon. This means his soul carried the energetic signature of the Wounded Healer/Teacher. Underneath his persona, he was a master healer anchoring great love on the planet.

But the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury and the Black Moon at the super Full Moon on Sunday was too much for him as it made conjunction with his natal Pluto. The archontic attack that accompanied the Full Moon inundated him. His natal Black Moon in Cancer, along with his three other planets in Cancer, made 2013 a difficult year as the Black Moon transited Cancer. Chiron has been transiting his natal Moon by conjunction and also his natal Venus by opposition. He was overwhelmed by grief and self-loathing.

For all Chiron people, the proportion of one’s healing abilities is relative to the amount of pain one has experienced. In this way, we see the great depth of Robin’s pain and the accompanying ability to heal. His performances inGood Will Huntingand What Dreams May Come? – among his many others – heal the heart.

I do not believe Robin Williams ever recovered from the loss of his dear old friend Christopher Reeve. You can see Robin’s devotion to helping his friend in the picture below. Note the prominence of Robin’s hands firmly on Chris. Chiron rules the hands and healing power is transmitted through them. His love was boundless.

Robin Williams knew he was battling demons. But he thought the demons were part of him. If he had known about the parasitic mind infection of the Archons would he have viewed things differently? We will never know.

We can honor his contribution by recognizing the wounding, the teaching, and the healing presented. The wound is from a force that stands against us that can trick us into hating ourselves enough to feel unworthy of life. The teaching is that no one can be a superman alone, but the power of one person can be superhuman. The healing comes from embracing tears of joy and humor to heal.

In the Mayan Calendar, Robin Williams was born on the day 1 Death, which means the power to initiate transformation. May his life serve to heal us.)


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The Oracle Report | Monday August 11, 2014



“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Moon Phase: realization

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Lionhearted)

Skill: don’t take the bait to react from base instinct (act ugly)

Negative Imprint: fear of change, ego-centric, hopelessness, emotional shut down, living in the past

Positive Imprint: gentle communication, defying risk, independence, shared connections

One of the most important things that following the Moon phases teaches us is that energy changes. We will tether ourselves to this wisdom during the current Super Full Moon phase, remembering that the energy will shift.

The next Moon phase, the Disseminating Moon phase, begins Wednesday, August 13 at 7:07 pm ET/11:07 pm UT. So we will maintain a firm, grounded connection with the planet to maintain sanity as things are unmoored under this supermoon.

Today’s photograph from wise owl Marie depicts the prickliness of the energy that comes from a supermoon conjunct the Black Moon. The stones stand tall in the background, but cacti abound. This is a metaphor for the fact that archontic intrusion and interference is exceptionally high throughout this Full Moon phase. It is quite clear now, several hours into the Full Moon phase that began yesterday at 2:09 pm ET/6:09 pm UT, why the Mahavidyas requested the group meditation in advance of the Full Moon. The supermoon-Black Moon is activating the part of the brain known as the R-complex or “reptilian brain,” providing a prime opportunity for people to respond purely from instinct and act rather ugly.

The energetics are used as a program of trauma-based mind control (the matrix). In other words, we are triggered into feeling threatened and fearful that something bad is happening just like something bad that happened to us in our pasts. We lose our sense of time and equilibrium under the energetics of “unmooring.”

The counter to this tendency is to bring ourselves back into the present moment and not get lost in feelings that are a “loop” of the past. Today is Monday, August 11, 2014 – not whatever date in the past you might be falling back into.

As an added countermeasure, Saturday’s group meditation enabled us to draw on the power of that meditation in order to bridge ourselves over the Full Moon phase. The ring of love and light that connected across the planet brought me to tears, just as it is doing now as I recall it. It’s there for you if you need it this Moon phase. Draw on it to strengthen your heart if the activation of people’s shadow sides confronts you. Understand that a huge amount of light is bring thrown on situations. This brings wisdom but many do not want to see it. Too much light can blind. The key question is what are you learning?

Today, as shadow sides are presented, we rely on peaceful interaction. We understand the tendency for the archontic parasitic infection of the human mind to cause people to act out and act unkind. We hold everyone responsible for themselves, but we understand what is really going on. From this perspective, the stance of the wise owl, we will not respond foolishly. We give things time and space. We hold our ground and defend ourselves if personally attacked (or if defense of someone else is needed), but we will not act without thought of consequences. We won’t take any bait.

Keep in mind that acrobatic feats are possible, even under the most difficult of conditions, when one is firmly tethered to the earth, Gaia Sophia.

(Note: I am not yet able to put into words a proper and fitting commentary on Saturday’s group meditation. I can only offer my deepest thanks.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dahr Jamail | Open Source Farming: A Renaissance Man Tackles the Food Crisis

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: Given Anthropogenic Climate Disruption and our dwindling capacities for producing enough healthy food, a cutting-edge farming technique that dramatically increases produce yields from a design engineer in Port Townsend, Washington, may well already be filling a critical void.

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European Court Finds CIA Interrogation Techniques “Amounted to Torture”

Sharon Adams, Truthout: The European Court of Human Rights concludes that so-called enhanced interrogation techniques – specifically approved by John Yoo and Jay Bybee for use by the CIA on Abu Zubaydah at a Polish black site – amounted to torture.

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US Presidents Reconsidered – By Death Toll

Peter Handel, Truthout: In this interview with Al Carroll, author of President’s Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions, US presidents are reviewed on a wholly new basis.

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For Disenfranchised Haitian Islanders, Tourism Signals a Paradise Lost

Judith Scherr, Inter Press Service: Haitian islanders of Ile à Vache are angry at their exclusion from the government decision-making process that has opened the island for investment – investments that place residents’ futures in limbo.

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Inside Our Profoundly Unequal “New Normal”

Sam Pizzigati, Too Much: Wealth’s current tilt to the top sometimes seems almost eternal. But can our economy “self-correct”? A provocative new paper out of the developed world’s official research agency contemplates our tomorrow.

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“Humanitarian Emergency” Does Not Suspend the Constitution on War Powers

Robert Naiman, Truthout: President Obama gave a speech Thursday night purporting to justify US military strikes in Iraq. But Obama failed to clearly explain why his decision to order airstrikes in Iraq without Congressional authorization is Constitutional and legal.

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Truthout Interviews Tanya Lee on Native American Gender-Based Violence

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Tanya Lee speaks about the startlingly high rates of gender-based violence among Native American and Native Alaskan communities and the lack of access the victims of that violence have to the justice system.

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Women Warriors Take Environmental Protection Into Their Own Hands

Amantha Perera, Inter Press Service: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change estimates that women comprise one of the most vulnerable populations to the fallout from extreme weather events. Increasingly, women are taking a front seat in community action campaigns in Asia, Africa and Latin America aimed at safeguarding the environment.

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Leaked Documents Show Spyware Used to Snoop on US Computers

Jeff Larson and Mike Tigas, ProPublica: Software created by the controversial UK based Gamma Group International was used to spy on computers that appear to be located in the United States, the UK, Germany, Russia, Iran and Bahrain, according to a leaked trove of documents.

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Gar Alperovitz | The US Has a Scary Sewage Problem: Let’s Clean It Up and Jumpstart the Economy While We’re at It

Gar Alperovitz, AlterNet: As climate change continues to generate bigger storms and more intense flooding to the point that even insurance companies are beginning to sue cities for inadequate drainage capacity, can we find a way forward?

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This week in Speakout:

Roger Annis questions the motives behind powerful countries pressuring Russia over Ukraine, and in a separate essay, warns of propaganda coming from Kiev; Lisa Dawsonreveals videos documenting corrections officers using extreme force on incarcerated people suffering from various forms of mental illness; adam buchanan notes the Supreme Court is immune to generational changes in the US and is thus out of step with changing views; Dr. James Zogby warns a deterioration in mainstream American attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims could lead to civil rights abuses; Kathy Kelly reports on acts of mercy from Kabul; Lawrence Davidson describes how the need to recognize human rights came about and points out that Israel is a big violator; Reprieve warns that a Guantánamo Bay detainee on hunger strike is suffering from a life-threatening health collapse; Steve Fleischli – with comic duo Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter – helps inform Californians as the state faces historic drought conditions; P.L. Thomas reflects on James Baldwin and encourages the public to revisit the fiery intellectual who would have turned 90 this month;John LaForge demolishes the official story on the necessity of using atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and details the massive human tragedy that resulted; and more.

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Iraq Says the Islamic State Killed 500 Yazidis, Buried Some Victims Alive

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Ferguson, Missouri Community Is Furious After Unarmed Black Teen Is Shot Dead by Police

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The NSA Asked Judge to Delete “Classified” Testimony Without Public Awareness

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Palestinians and Israel Agree to 72-Hour Gaza Cease-Fire

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Massive Red Tide Bloom Threatens Florida’s Gulf Coast

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Glenn Greenwald | US “Humanitarian” Bombing of Iraq: A Redundant Presidential Ritual

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How the Israeli Discourse on Terrorism Seeks to Justify Blatant War Crimes

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