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The Oracle Report | Monday August 11, 2014

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“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Moon Phase: realization

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Lionhearted)

Skill: don’t take the bait to react from base instinct (act ugly)

Negative Imprint: fear of change, ego-centric, hopelessness, emotional shut down, living in the past

Positive Imprint: gentle communication, defying risk, independence, shared connections

One of the most important things that following the Moon phases teaches us is that energy changes. We will tether ourselves to this wisdom during the current Super Full Moon phase, remembering that the energy will shift.

The next Moon phase, the Disseminating Moon phase, begins Wednesday, August 13 at 7:07 pm ET/11:07 pm UT. So we will maintain a firm, grounded connection with the planet to maintain sanity as things are unmoored under this supermoon.

Today’s photograph from wise owl Marie depicts the prickliness of the energy that comes from a supermoon conjunct the Black Moon. The stones stand tall in the background, but cacti abound. This is a metaphor for the fact that archontic intrusion and interference is exceptionally high throughout this Full Moon phase. It is quite clear now, several hours into the Full Moon phase that began yesterday at 2:09 pm ET/6:09 pm UT, why the Mahavidyas requested the group meditation in advance of the Full Moon. The supermoon-Black Moon is activating the part of the brain known as the R-complex or “reptilian brain,” providing a prime opportunity for people to respond purely from instinct and act rather ugly.

The energetics are used as a program of trauma-based mind control (the matrix). In other words, we are triggered into feeling threatened and fearful that something bad is happening just like something bad that happened to us in our pasts. We lose our sense of time and equilibrium under the energetics of “unmooring.”

The counter to this tendency is to bring ourselves back into the present moment and not get lost in feelings that are a “loop” of the past. Today is Monday, August 11, 2014 – not whatever date in the past you might be falling back into.

As an added countermeasure, Saturday’s group meditation enabled us to draw on the power of that meditation in order to bridge ourselves over the Full Moon phase. The ring of love and light that connected across the planet brought me to tears, just as it is doing now as I recall it. It’s there for you if you need it this Moon phase. Draw on it to strengthen your heart if the activation of people’s shadow sides confronts you. Understand that a huge amount of light is bring thrown on situations. This brings wisdom but many do not want to see it. Too much light can blind. The key question is what are you learning?

Today, as shadow sides are presented, we rely on peaceful interaction. We understand the tendency for the archontic parasitic infection of the human mind to cause people to act out and act unkind. We hold everyone responsible for themselves, but we understand what is really going on. From this perspective, the stance of the wise owl, we will not respond foolishly. We give things time and space. We hold our ground and defend ourselves if personally attacked (or if defense of someone else is needed), but we will not act without thought of consequences. We won’t take any bait.

Keep in mind that acrobatic feats are possible, even under the most difficult of conditions, when one is firmly tethered to the earth, Gaia Sophia.

(Note: I am not yet able to put into words a proper and fitting commentary on Saturday’s group meditation. I can only offer my deepest thanks.)

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