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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ADDITION 10:00 am ET/2:00 pm UT: The Mahavidyas are specific in correcting me with the report today. Regarding Robin Williams (below), note the change to the “power of TEARS of joy and humor to heal.” This is important because it’s always ok to cry, but especially today. This is Bhairavi in action on our hearts, healing them of pain that lingers.

Full Moon Phase: revelations

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Fierce One)

Negative Imprint: out of control, disillusioned, disappointed, empty, hopeless

Positive Imprint: courage, seeing the bottom line, self-control, creativity

The intensity of the super Full Moon phase continues today, and we continue to hold on tightly to our tether with solid ground.

Today’s energy reinforces the feelings of being unmoored and out of control that are prominent during this Full Moon phase. There is a sense of dangling. Everyone’s shadow sides are being triggered to some degree or another. This means your shadow side and everyone else’s shadow side, so be aware that you are dealing with much more than meets the eye with people.

Since the Moon is in Pisces, the shadow sides of Pisces and Virgo (trust and “failure” issues) are strong. Emotions are running very high and are stressed. The energy brings things to breaking point. Archontic interference remains at almost record-high levels with the super Full Moon’s conjunction with the Black Moon.

But we are wise to the situation. We know to give people and situations space under these conditions. We slow down and give due diligence before making a move. We understand the tricks of the mind that are pushing people over the edge emotionally.

From one perspective, we are in a battle while the Moon remains in the Full phase. We think it is a battle with ourselves. This is a lie. The seeds of dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and disregard were sown long ago and are being harvested now.

But an ally has come onto the field of consciousness today to free us from the heavy astrological energies that threaten to send us tumbling down the canyon. Venus has entered Leo, joining the Sun, Mercury, the Black Moon, and Jupiter.

The addition of Venus into the mix of planets in Leo spoils all the plans of the dark side. You see, there is one thing that tames the wild shadows of the Black Moon and that is Venus. When Venus and the Black Moon come together, the two sisters, the light and the dark, are united. The schism of the feminine is healed. Blessings, gifts, and rewards are bestowed. Balance returns.

We are going to focus on this gift of Venus today and switch ourselves to this level. Venus is the archetypal energy of love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure. We will make space for this to settle in our hearts and heal any feelings of sadness, grief, or trauma that are surfacing

The Full Moon phase ends tomorrow, Wednesday, August 13 at 7:07 pm ET/ 11:07 pm UT. We will hold our ground until then, weathering all that transpires, and keeping things real.

(Commentary on the death of Robin Williams: It is appropriate to honor the life of a Master, but especially appropriate to honor it here, a place where many of the “Chiron family” of the planet gather. Robin Williams was a Chiron. His natal Chiron was located at the degree of the Galactic Center and his Ascendant was in aspect to the Chiron Point. His natal Chiron was in opposition to his Black Moon. This means his soul carried the energetic signature of the Wounded Healer/Teacher. Underneath his persona, he was a master healer anchoring great love on the planet.

But the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury and the Black Moon at the super Full Moon on Sunday was too much for him as it made conjunction with his natal Pluto. The archontic attack that accompanied the Full Moon inundated him. His natal Black Moon in Cancer, along with his three other planets in Cancer, made 2013 a difficult year as the Black Moon transited Cancer. Chiron has been transiting his natal Moon by conjunction and also his natal Venus by opposition. He was overwhelmed by grief and self-loathing.

For all Chiron people, the proportion of one’s healing abilities is relative to the amount of pain one has experienced. In this way, we see the great depth of Robin’s pain and the accompanying ability to heal. His performances inGood Will Huntingand What Dreams May Come? – among his many others – heal the heart.

I do not believe Robin Williams ever recovered from the loss of his dear old friend Christopher Reeve. You can see Robin’s devotion to helping his friend in the picture below. Note the prominence of Robin’s hands firmly on Chris. Chiron rules the hands and healing power is transmitted through them. His love was boundless.

Robin Williams knew he was battling demons. But he thought the demons were part of him. If he had known about the parasitic mind infection of the Archons would he have viewed things differently? We will never know.

We can honor his contribution by recognizing the wounding, the teaching, and the healing presented. The wound is from a force that stands against us that can trick us into hating ourselves enough to feel unworthy of life. The teaching is that no one can be a superman alone, but the power of one person can be superhuman. The healing comes from embracing tears of joy and humor to heal.

In the Mayan Calendar, Robin Williams was born on the day 1 Death, which means the power to initiate transformation. May his life serve to heal us.)


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