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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Full Moon Phase (until 7:07 pm UT/11:07 pm UT): realizations

Disseminating Moon Phase (after 7:07 pm ET/11:07 pm UT): share, communicate

Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (Goddess of the Heart)

Skill: go crazy with love

Negative Imprint: fear, spreading negativity, closed-minded, lies

Positive Imprint: clarity, protection, safeguards, useful messages, guidance, reward

Relief from the full force of the supermoon is on its way today courtesy of the Sun and the Earth. These are the divine beings Sabaoth and Gaia Sophia, who are directly engaged in the development of humanity. Our divine allies flood the field of consciousness today to uplift and bridge us out of the heavy, dark, and dramatic energy that has been so strong for a week now.

On a higher level of awareness, dark energy (Archons) have been raiding consciousness and attacking in swarms during this time. They invade people’s minds, activating the R-complex of the brain (“reptilian brain”) – the area of the brain that triggers instincts. The activation of the R-complex produces extreme emotional states that are based in fear. Result: ugliness in our lives and in our world.

But, by being tethered to the Earth herself via an emotional bond, the overall “unmooring” or emotional undoing is much gentler on us.

We’ve done our part to face down the darkness that’s been present and now the Sun and Earth play their parts. Today, they bring the ultimate energy forclarity. Clearer senses, clearer directions, clearer perspectives, clearer choices, clearer thinking, clearer everything is disseminated as we are bridged over the end of the Full Moon phase and into the Disseminating Moon phase. We are lifted straight up and into the incoming phase.

It will work a lot better today if you let go and go crazy with the love. Let go and see what happens. WITH CRAZY GUSTO, FIND BEAUTY IN LIFE TODAY. It comes in the simplest of things and in the most complex things and everything in between. Life is beautiful and we are a vast electric current of it. Reconnect with the wave of love that was sent around the planet (through the ring of singing stones – see the weekend report in the Archives) prior to the Full Moon. And then amp it up! Let it pour out of your heart. The pain that has been stored there will pour out with it because, above all, this month has been about healing. It doesn’t look like it from the destruction and death that has ensued, but that’s what is really happening.

Remember, we are experiencing the expanding and energizing of deep and meaningful changes that heal, transform, and liberate. It’s all a part of the Second Renaissance that’s unfolding.

Shodashi is the Mahavidya (Wisdom Goddess) who will be on duty during the Virgo lunar cycle that begins on August 25. Shodashi came in as back up at the Full Moon and will be in the background until the New Moon. Matangi, who often assists Shodashi, will also attend (although she’s not active right now). Shodashi is the Goddess of Beauty and the Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire. We are in for a good one!

Go crazy with the love today, wise owls!

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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