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The manuscript of survival – part 423

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Thank you Aisha! I saw reports of two separate incidents where large crowds acted together spontaneously without speaking to rescue individuals in danger from subway trains. In one they literally tipped the train off the tracks and saved a mans life. I am in awe at the totally unexpected but irrefutable evidence I am now seeing day to day of our collective humanity shifting to this new level of consciousness and awareness-and most significantly concrete collective action.
Again I am also amazed that even as my physical condition appears to be worsening so that I often this week can barely make sense of incoming information-yet I am still uplifted by these wonderful changes. I feel that whatever our current experience may entail with so much difficulty spread around to so many with violence and suffering appearing to spread, the reality is just the opposite in the big picture. It is like watching a split screen in a movie where simultaneous opposites are occurring.
Bless you all for all you are doing! The waves of love flowing through our collective are much needed comfort that are accessible to all in need, internally.

aisha north

For eons, mankind has been defined as consisting of single entities, carrying out their life’s work in hardship and toil from birth to death, for then to cease to exist altogether. In other words, you as humans have been defined as someone simply existing between the first and the last breath you take, and whatever comes before or indeed after that, is a subject shrouded in mystery. Be that as it may, you have by now managed to open your eyes to the fact that a human life as you used to define it is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg – or even less so. For by now, you have started to tap into the rich vein that constitutes the real you, the one that is not confined within any physical limits, but who has chosen to define one part of themselves as a human.

Let us explain…

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