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Is Putin Part of NWO?

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Thank you Lada! I’m impressed by your ability to isolate the strains of truth and propaganda, and simplify the picture so anyone can make sense of the world situation.

To many just becoming aware that the official story in school and mainstream media is not the whole truth; it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that if one conspiracy theory turns out to be real, provable with documented facts then every theory is also valid.

As Lada clearly shows in this article, the global political situation is and always has been far more complex than any single theory-economic, social, conspiracy or other-can possibly explain.
There have probably always been corrupt individuals and groups in every power elite of every country, nation or locality.

That these disparate widely different people would automatically work together efficiently for one Western dominated world order is against common sense, history and psychology.

I personally believe that while both Obama and Putin were able to ascend to their current position through a certain amount of support from at least some of the power elite in each of their respective nations, and though this most likely did come with expectations and strings attached to their behavior- and they have both done things to appease their benefactors, they are not truly controlled by this.
From an American perspective it certainly appears that Obama has been more trapped by it than Putin, but in the long run I believe they are reprising the roles their predecessors in the early 1960’s were unable to complete due to Kennedy’s assassination.
Obama’s refusal to do the NWO’S bidding as far as military intervention against Putin when Russia stops their plans is as essential as Putin’s role though less obvious.
Imagine if Bush/Cheney/McCain/Romney were in power-we would be militarily engaged in Syria,Ukraine and who knows where else?

My intuition has long shown me Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin as a team allowing humanity to pull back from complete ecological destruction or nuclear war and the resulting human extinction.
(On a higher spiritual level not on a conspiracy theory level as if they were friends in college who set out to lead countries and save the world;-)

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