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Truthout Daily Digest Monday, 25 August 2014

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Aviva Chomsky | The United States’ Continuing Border Crisis: The Real Story Behind the “Invasion” of the Children

Aviva Chomsky, TomDispatch: The “crisis” of Central American children crossing the US-Mexican border is now fading from the news. The media stories have been legion, and yet, as attention shifts elsewhere, the real factors that would have made sense of what’s been happening remain untouched.

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Dean Baker | Truth Has No Place in the Attack of Inflation Hawks

Dean Baker, Truthout: There is a push by inflation hawks to get the Fed to raise interest rates. They argue that inflationary pressures are picking up steam, and we’ll soon be caught in an inflationary spiral. We should recognize that they’re not willing to rely on honest arguments.

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Gazans in the US Suffer the Horrors of War From Abroad

Pam Bailey, Truthout: Palestinians from Gaza living in the United States speak out about what it’s like to be here when their hearts, and families, are there. Separated from their parents, siblings, children and spouses after leaving the Strip to study or work, they have watched the news with horror.

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Poverty Is Not Inevitable: What We Can Do Now to Turn Things Around

Dean Paton, YES! Magazine: Having poor people in the richest country in the world is a choice. We have the money to solve this. Plenty of other ideas for democratizing wealth exist now, all of which can start small and scale up to large, even national enterprises that provide well-paying jobs. But do we have the will?

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How to End the Criminalization of US Mothers

Sarah Jaffe, Mariame Kaba, Randy Albelda and Kathleen Geier, The Nation: Nightmarish stories about the criminalizing of motherhood have been making headlines of late. Other countries provide social programs and income support for poor single mothers; in the United States, we arrest them. What is driving the United States’ assault on mothers, and what is the remedy?

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We Won’t Go Back: March on Staten Island for Eric Garner

Palina Prasasouk, Truthout: Thousands of people – streaming off caravans, buses and ferries – marched nonviolently with Staten Island residents on August 23, joining the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. The march took place on the 25th anniversary of the death of Yusef Hawkins, an African-American 16-year-old killed by a Caucasian mob.

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Marjorie Cohn | National Lawyers Guild, Other Legal Organizations Urge International Criminal Court to Investigate War Crimes by Israeli, US Leaders in Gaza

Marjorie Cohn, Marjorie Cohn’s Blog: The National Lawyers Guild, Center for Constitutional Rights, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Arab Lawyers Union and the American Association of Jurists sent a letter on Friday to the International Criminal Court, urging an investigation of war crimes and genocide committed by Israel in Gaza.

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Russia’s Humanitarian “Invasion”

Ray McGovern, Consortium News: Official Washington’s war-hysteria machine is running at full speed again after Russia unilaterally dispatched a convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian supplies to the blockaded Ukrainian city of Luhansk.

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The World Watches Ferguson, but Racial Discrimination is a Health Issue Across the US

Lekeisha Sumner, The Conversation: In the United States, African Americans account for a disproportionate share of many of the leading health conditions, and, according to the Institute of Medicine and Centers for Disease Control, ethnic discrimination plays a role in these health inequities.

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Not Nearly Enough: Why Bank of America Record $17 Billion Settlement Is a Rip-Off

Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet: Some experts hold that unless a fine is big enough to potentially force a company out of business when it commits abuse at an epic level, the fine is, by definition, too low. Bank of America’s punishment does not fit the crime.

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Police Officer Caught on Tape Boasting of Racism Is Relieved of Active Duty in St. Louis County

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: It would be hard to believe that many members of the Ferguson and St. Louis County police forces are not infected with the cancer of racism – and intoxicated with the license to kill.

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For Sale: Systems That Can Secretly Track Where Cellphone Users Go Around the Globe

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Thousands Gather in St. Louis for Michael Brown’s Funeral

Read the Article at New York Magazine

Some Numbers for the “Entitlement” Bashers

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Detroit Resumes Water Shutoffs

Read the Article at The Detroit News

The US Incarceration System Ruins the Lives of the Poor and Favors the Wealthy

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

“Widespread Methane Leakage” From Ocean Floor Off US Coast

Read the Article at BBC News

Vermont Quits War on Drugs to Treat Heroin Abuse as Health Issue

Read the Article at Bloomberg Businessweek

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