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A short update on the energies

Thank you Aisha! It’s interesting to experience this return to a mythic and ineffable level of living. Most of us have grown up in modern colonized type societies where we have been enculturated to live in a narrow, limited range of reality and to perceive everything outside of that range as “unreal”.
Accepting that much of what we are, and do, is simply not accessible within such a narrow constrained frame is a leap of faith. Like the Fool (0) in the tarot, we step trustingly off the edge of the solid ground of our programming, cultural norms and false limitations. We disassemble our invisible prison and begin to feel the wind beneath the wings we didn’t know we had.

aisha north

The time has come to once again bid farewell to something that you no longer need to carry with you. You see, as you are being propelled ever faster forward by this incessant stream of light, you will continue to be encouraged to lighten your load in any way you can. We know that by now, many of you will feel as if that is what you have been asked to do from the very beginning and that is indeed easy to understand, for this has in many ways been an unending process of jettisoning old baggage. But now, what we refer to, are not those old and ingrained habits of yours that used to stand in your way. For these have been removed from your being, even if some lingering traces can still be found here and there. No, what we refer to now, is actually something far more…

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