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Truthout Daily Digest Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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LA Police Refuse to Release Information on In-Custody Deaths, Community Pushes Back

Bethania Palma Markus, Truthout: Many questions remain as the Los Angeles Police Department refuses to release autopsy reports and the names of officers involved in the shooting death of unarmed black man Ezell Ford, and the beating death of Omar Abrego in South Central. Frustration grows in a community already mistrustful of police.

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The Banality of Police Militarization: How Champaign-Urbana Acquired Its MRAP

Brian Dolinar, Truthout: How did a small college town in central Illinois get a massive mine-resistant armor-protected truck from the federal government? Internal communications show how one local law enforcement agency, like many across the country, acquired hand-me-down military equipment from the Department of Defense.

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Colonization by Bankruptcy: The High-Stakes Chess Match for Argentina

Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog: Argentina is playing hardball with the vulture funds, which have been trying to force it into an involuntary bankruptcy. The vultures are demanding what amounts to a 600 percent return on bonds bought for pennies on the dollar.

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Education, Inc.

Tim Scott and Deborah Keisch, Truthout: “Reform” mechanisms are a huge success for the profiteers who are responsible for designing and implementing them. These profit-driven education policies are systematically undermining democratic control of our schools.

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About 620,000 Military Families Rely on Food Pantries to Meet Basic Needs

Michelle Chen, The Nation: This month, a new report found that the nation’s food pantries serve 620,000 families with a member in the military – another troubling indication that service members battling against poverty must often rely on the generosity of our charities.

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A Carbon Tax Is Absolutely Essential

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: Putting a price on carbon encourages less fossil fuel extraction and a rapid move to clean energy. With even a modest carbon tax – that doesn’t even end the subsidies to big oil, coal and gas – fossil fuels instantly become more expensive than renewables.

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If Liberal Zionism Were Dead, What Actions Would That Imply?

Robert Naiman, Truthout: Liberal Zionists have been unwilling to fight politically for their stated beliefs – a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine – or use nonviolent political pressure tactics to force the changes in Israeli government policy that they want.

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Food Fights: The Contested Terrain of the American Dinner Plate

Ben Agger, Truthout: The United States cannot afford food capitalism, given the interaction between health care costs and the Western diet. Nearly half a century ago, feminists put bodies on the political agenda. There they remain, as we struggle over what to have for dinner.

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Amy Goodman | Blowback: Vijay Prashad on How Islamic State Grew Out of US Invasion of Iraq

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: Militants from Islamic State stormed an air base in northeast Syria on Sunday, capturing it from government forces. Fighters from Islamic State have seized three Syrian military bases in the area in recent weeks. This comes as the Pentagon considers expanding its airstrikes to include targets inside Syria.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Tens of Millions of Americans Struggle With Hunger, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: In the richest nation on earth, tens of millions of Americans are struggling to find enough to eat; should our government have a “kill switch” to turn off cell phone communication?; billionaires in the United States are fine with exploiting workers, but Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim wants to strengthen the Latino middle class; and more.

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General Honoré, Enviro Groups Call for Strengthening EPA’s Proposed Refinery Pollution Standards

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: Former General Russel Honoré – founder of the Green Army, a coalition of environmental groups – became an advocate for clean air and water after being invited to Bayou Corne, Louisiana. He visited the community as the first anniversary of its sinkhole disaster approached.

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Paul Krugman | Bad Decisions Yield Grim Results in Europe

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Just a few months ago, Europe’s austerians were busy congratulating themselves, declaring that a modest upturn in southern Europe vindicated all their actions. But now the news is looking grim, with industrial production stalling out and good reason to fear yet another slide into recession.

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Burger King’s Big Whopper: It Will Incorporate in Canada to Evade US Taxes

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: People in the United States can still make personal choices to resist corporate betrayal. One option is to become vegetarian: It’s a healthier lifestyle, and has the added advantage of teaching corporations who use the United States for profits – but flee it for lower taxes – a lesson.

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Thyroid Cancer in Young People Surges in Fukushima Since Nuclear Meltdown

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

There Are No Angels – What The New York Times Won’t Tell You About the Ferguson Shooting

Read the Article at The Boston Globe

Eugene Robinson | For Black Youth in the US, No “Mistakes” Allowed

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Attorney: New Audio Reveals Pause in Gunfire When Michael Brown Was Shot

Read the Article at CNN

In Defiant Action, Pipeline Protesters Lock Themselves to Trucks

Read the Article at Common Dreams

Is This Ebola’s Tipping Point?

Read the Article at The Daily Beast

When Journalists Go Missing

Read the Article at The New Yorker

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