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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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NEW AUDIO REPORT August 22, 2014 –

“Holding the Line: Virgo 2014 Cycle”

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Highest Desire) and Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: hold the line of what you know to be true

Negative Imprint: conformity, projection of personal feelings onto others, propaganda, impotent, fearful of new experiences, denial

Positive Imprint: divine direction, realization of talents, improvement of conditions, perseverance, form and symmetry, new opportunities

Welcome back to the daily report. It has been an interesting week of “holding the line,” hasn’t it?

Yesterday, Sabaoth the Sun released what spaceweather.com believes was a strong M-class or an X-class flare with a CME (coronal mass ejection). The sunspot which released the flare is on the far side of the Sun, where instruments cannot accurately read. The flare occurred Monday, September 1 at 7:05 am ET/11:05 am UT.

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Moon at that time (the most precise indicator of the energy that is reinforced by the flare) is “an Indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children.” The symbol discusses the need to stand up for things we care about – projects, ideals, values, information, people, the planet, natural law. In this way we don’t back down. We hold the line of what we hold to be true.

You may recall the Sabian symbol of the August 24th solar flare disseminating the energy of “American Indians performing a ritual to the Sun.” The Sun is empowering not only the efforts but also the unification of those who are devoted to nature – Gaia Sophia’s “tribe” so to speak.

Given that a “divide and conquer” tactic is being seduced from the R-complex of the human brain by the parasitic infection of the Archons, it is easy to see why the Sun would empower energy of “the tribe.”

Who knew with this lunar cycle’s theme of “two guardian angels bringing protection” would mean we might need “protection” from those with whom we felt most closely aligned? The Mahavidyas gave us some indication of this. This is the “Trojan Horse” element of this month’s energy that I discussed in my August 22 recording. The need to be watchful for Trojan Horses – destructive things that come from something/someone that appears as something different – is in effect all month long. Once again, we “hold the line” with what we know to be true in our hearts and we stand up for that when needed.

Doing so changes the future.

Today’s energy is heavily concerned with expectations -living up to other’s expectations, our own expectations, society’s expectations, and so on. But we can cut through all of that by focusing on the real story today: opening up to being directed by a divine hand that is drawing us toward our own destiny. Like a fine calligrapher, the Mahavidya Shodashi pens the strokes needed to fulfill the highest desire – the expectations – of our souls. She gets us on track.

For this to happen, we must surrender control and follow the beat of her drum. Her beat may be a radical change for you, but rest assured it is divinely guided. New opportunities, new possibilities, and new doors are being revealed all month long. We persevere toward these things.

The emptiness of the past is also revealed today, which is where the Mahavidya Matangi comes in. Like the wind, she sweeps through to clear away what has spoiled (what no longer serves us).

The negative polarity of today’s energy attempts to stifle us and to trick us into feeling unworthy or weak. It also pushes issues of rejection and feelings of wanting to give up. If these things surface for you today, remember that what is actually happening is a correction of our own personal course in life. Adapt to what is changing by honoring your feelings and integrating them into your bigger picture.

The mission of wise owls is to find beauty and keep it real every day. We are holding the line, guided by two angels, as a palpable change in the story of humanity unfolds. Today we will open to where the universe takes us.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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