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Where is the New You? Brenda Hoffman September 2, 2014

Where is the New You?

by lifetapestrycreations

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s August 30, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You’re beginning to sparkle. Not necessarily in terms of visible light, but how you view happenings on earth. This perspective shift/sparkle is what you have long dreamed of even if you could not understand that intent until now.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “Stop Worrying and Start Living – Joy is in the Air”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

You have completed an extremely long journey to become your new being – whether doing so in months or decades. This journey consisted – as you well know – of reviewing the pain of this and other earth lives.

Some of you manifested that pain into physical illnesses, others of you retained those feelings in your emotional or spiritual beings. But you all reviewed what and why until you felt you could not possibly endure. And yet you did and have.

Your new you remembers those pains vaguely, but is no longer that concerned about what happened in 3D earth.

You are so ready to fly into your new life. Yet you do not believe you are doing so. You feel as if you have been in this stationary mode forever – much as you felt about your pain review period. Even though not true, such does not alter your feelings of boredom or disinterest in activities that once were exciting.

You continue to move rapidly into your full new being. It is just that the measurements of yesterday no longer apply. You cannot note this shift physically or perhaps even emotionally – but you are growing as surely as you did in adolescence. Do you remember wishing you could achieve a certain height or full capabilities in this or that area as an adolescent – and then you did? Such is happening now.

Your inner-being – including your physical being – is shifting rapidly in ways you cannot envision or even fully understand.

The only indicator you perhaps are experiencing at this time is that you are shifting perspectives about personal and world events.

Maybe you were once concerned that world events would harbor pain for you or those you love. Then, one day, you no longer wanted to support global fears. Or your physical issues no longer push you into fear as they once did. Or someone you wished to maintain close ties with no longer holds the same power over you. All indicators you are moving from pain to joy – much more rapidly than you realize.

Those of you who contend nothing has or is happening within your being, please know you would not be interested in this material or any new earth materials if that were true.

Or maybe you believe you are destined for pain – whether physical or emotional. Even though you receive a spark of hope from various new earth readings or teachings, those materials do not seem to shift your life in any way.

Allow yourself to expect a life of joy. You would not be interested in any new earth materials if you were part of the 25% wishing to continue a life of pain. There is no longer a call to demonstrate your fear, ego pride or riches – all 3D personas. Only the call to sparkle in your joyful radiance for all to sense and see.

Perhaps that last thought seems opposite of what you learned about displaying your joy – including the riches of, on or within earth. There is a great deal of difference between wishing to be wealthier than others or allowing yourself to be financially comfortable so you can focus on your inner-being.

If you wish to have financial abundance to outdo someone, your wish is of 3D. If you wish to have financial abundance to allow more energy for discovering yourself, your dream is of new earth.

Part of new earth joy is allowing yourself the freedom to be – not worrying about bills or enough food to eat. Those outer-directed fears merely reproduce yesterday’s fear.

Your complete joy is not possible until your basic needs are comfortably available. And so it is that such is part of the new earth joy of life.

Many of you remain concerned about starving or ill entities throughout earth.

Allow all earth entities, including you, to evolve as you wish to evolve. Not everyone is interested in feeding earth entities, just as not everyone dreams of becoming a dietitian or creating computer programs. Such will happen as you allow your dreams and all dreams to unfold – including the joy of knowing you nor anyone else needs to worry about shelter, food or finances. That is the joy of new earth.

All of you of new earth have the freedom to follow your dreams including the abundance of life that allows you to do so.

Could you live in joy if you continually noted your new earth brothers and sisters were dying for lack of food or shelter? Perhaps that was possible in your 3D world, but most certainly not in new earth. But then, does the thought of moving to some place in the world to ensure that all are healthy excite you or feel dull and heavy?

That is the difference between 3D and new earth. You are shifting according to your inner-being directives of joy. So it is. Amen

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Truthout Daily Digest Tuesday, 02 September 2014

Dahr Jamail | Tortured and Raped by Israel, Persecuted by the United States

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: Rasmea Odeh was arrested and tortured by the Israel Defense Forces in 1969 when she was 22 years old. Today, Odeh is on trial in the United States, charged with immigration fraud stemming from her 35-year-old IDF file, and under threat of deportation.

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Protecting Abortion Clinics – Without a Buffer Zone

Katie Klabusich, Truthout: The unanimous Supreme Court decision striking down the 35-foot Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone has left other such laws in jeopardy and inspired people around the country to volunteer for clinic defense, sometimes in unhelpful ways.

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Art After War

Stacy Bannerman, Truthout: The arts are moving center stage as providers brace for a tidal wave of invisible injuries in troops and veterans. Painting, writing and drumming help heal the hearts and souls of veterans and their families.

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Even the Council on Foreign Relations Is Saying It: Time to Rain Money on Main Street

Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog: When an article appears in Foreign Affairs, the mouthpiece of the policy-setting Council on Foreign Relations, recommending that the Federal Reserve do a money drop directly on the 99%, you know the central bank must be down to its last bullet.

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The GOP War on Workers Has Killed Again

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: Maria Fernandes’ tragic death is a stark reminder of the challenges and struggles that low-wage working-class Americans face. But workers like Fernandes wouldn’t have to face those struggles if it weren’t for the 34-year conservative war on working people.

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New Documents Undermine Walker Statements on Criminal Probe

Brendan Fischer, PR Watch: Despite claims that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is not a “target” in the state’s criminal campaign finance probe, newly-released documents demonstrate that prosecutors are indeed looking at potentially criminal activity by the first-term governor and 2016 presidential hopeful.

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How the US Made ISIS: Their Videos and Ours, Their “Caliphate” and Ours

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: ISIS lives and breathes and grows, and across the greater Middle East Islamic extremist organizations are gaining traction in ways that should illuminate just what the war on terror has really delivered. The US record is a shameful one. “Do it again” should not be an option.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: When Big Oil Pays for Its Disasters, the Environment May Recover, and More

Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program: When Big Oil is forced to pay for its disasters, the environment has a much better chance to recover; the recent earthquake in Southern California cost over a billion dollars in damages and left more than 100 people injured; Nixon’s war on drugs demonized marijuana, but science keeps finding new benefits of that miracle plant; and more.

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Can Tiny Houses Solve Homelessness in Portland?

Tex Dworkin, Care2: When it comes to homes for the homeless, smaller could be better if it reduces housing costs, but not if the dwellings are sub-par, and not if they are tucked off into one separate section of the city. Homelessness will not be solved by new housing alone.

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Resisting the Surveillance State in Germany

Staff, The Real News Network/Weltnetz: On Saturday, more than 6,000 people took to the streets of Berlin, Germany, to protest against intelligence agencies’ mass surveillance. A broad alliance of more than 80 organizations had called for the demonstration under the slogan “Freedom Not Fear.”

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If You’re Black and Openly Carry a Firearm You Are Gunned Down; If You Are White the Police Consider You a “Good Guy”

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: A legacy pervades the United States: from our unjust incarceration system to the police labeling of black men as “criminal until proven innocent” to the lethal shooting of a young black man for choosing to look at a toy gun in Walmart.

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Are American Troops Already Fighting on the Front Lines in Iraq?

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Climate Change and Food Riots: Learn to Farm

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Fast-Food Workers Are Planning Massive Protests Across the US

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Why the Republicans Actually Like Big Government

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The Right’s Food Stamp Embarrassment: A History Lesson for the Haters

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DNA Evidence Could Exonerate Two in North Carolina Death Row Case

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“Pompous Blowhard” Stephen Colbert Continues to Annoy Howard Kurtz

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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, September 3, 2014


NEW AUDIO REPORT August 22, 2014 –

“Holding the Line: Virgo 2014 Cycle”

Click to play…

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: action in new directions

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess of Symmetry, Form, and Beauty) and Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: practice the stance of the giraffe firmly grounded but able to see ahead

Negative Imprint: judgmental, pushy, failure to commit, propaganda, refusing counsel, holding tightly to the past, scattered

Positive Imprint: following new paths, powerful voice, divinely guided, moving past obstacles, multiple perspectives, taking the plunge

Like the giraffe in today’s photograph, we have our feet on the ground in the present moment but stretch our necks to see into the future. The focus of our gaze: the upcoming Full Moon phase which occurs between September 8 and September 11.

First, today’s energy. Today’s energy carries us to new places whether we like it or not. We are pushed in directions. With this comes a breaking down of walls or barriers, the true nature of things being revealed, and tests of commitment. The suddenness and level of vulnerability/ exposure that this brings can sting a bit.

It’s a strong wave of energy that also carries a lot of information – too much information, in many cases. We tend to process this with mind chatter. If this becomes overwhelming, the remedy is always to go outside and connect with nature. Short, frequent respites outdoors are an effective to handle any ordeal.

Overall, the energy may feel like a test or that a judgment is being undertaken. Stay close to what you know to be true and far from pretense.

Now, for the gaze ahead. There are two things developing astrologically as we build to the Full Moon, both of which wise owls need to be aware: 1) Chiron’s conjunction with the Full Moon and 2) Mars’ transit through the last degrees of Scorpio.

The Full Moon arrives on Monday, September 8. Chiron is conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun that day. Chiron’s themes involve wounding, healing, teaching, service, and, in a very pronounced way at the Full Moon, self-sabotage. When the Chiron energy is not channeled into healing or teaching, it wounds via self-sabotage. Many Oracle Report readers carry strong energetic signatures of Chiron. Be aware of the heightened tendency toward self-sabotage through September 11. Funnel that energy where it needs to go.

Everyone should understand the heightened potential for wounding between September 8 and 11. This should not come as a surprise to anyone as the archontic media machine of the “unnatural world order” is pre-loading this exact thing into the collective. We see the energetics that astrologically support wounding.

Everyone should also understand the heightened potential for healing and teaching between September 8 and 11. Both polarities of the energy are always in play.

Mars is closing out through the last degrees of Scorpio and will reach the 29th degree of Scorpio on September 11. The Sabian symbol for 29 Scorpio is “an Indian woman pleading with the chief for the lives of her children.” This is the degree of Sunday’s solar flare (see yesterday’s Oracle Report in the Archives for more information).

Mars is the original ruler of Scorpio. The aggressive energy of Mars paired in the underworld of Scorpio makes for a prime astrological time to achieve dominance, if one was inclined toward it.

One of the favored degrees for Illuminati-type control tactics comes with the 28th degree of Scorpio – “the King of the Fairies approaching his domain.” Mars will be at this degree September 9-10.

I discuss this so that we are knowledgeable of the energetics building toward the Full Moon phase and are not taken off guard if the unnatural world order strikes against humanity. We can prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for this potential. Revealing the spell also disempowers it. They seem not care anymore, however, and look to be going for broke.

This means they are out of options. It is a good sign in the midst of all of the ugliness.

Stay grounded and centered, but keep an eye peeled to what’s ahead. We maintain alignment with the beauty and value of living life, even under tough conditions.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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40km Long Fissure Is Ripping into Violent Askja, Linking Iceland’s 3 Largest Volcanoes: Updated

This is from Monday, but is recommended by Rei, the author of the other two articles I shared earlier on the current eruption in Iceland.

It is good to remember that the Earth has Her own agenda, schedule, and plan that we have very little knowledge about.

The goal for humanity is to work effectively within the parameters She provides in order to maximize the health and longevity of ourselves and the myriad lifeforms the ecosystems we are part of depend on to function. That is, IF, we intend to survive as a species.

Volcanoes, Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunami are the fast action reminders that we live in a system that does NOT depend on our comfort, preferences, or even survival.

The slow system changes like climate warming, or massive extinction events like the current one we appear to have precipitated, are usually more important for long term survival of the species but most humans seem ill equipped mentally to focus on such long scale events, unfortunately.

In the moment, things like volcanic eruptions can also be exquisite examples of the amazing beauty we are surrounded by every day but which too often is forgotten in our hectic lifestyles.

40km Long Fissure Is Ripping into Violent Askja, Linking Iceland’s 3 Largest Volcanoes: Updated


A landslide struck Askja’s crater lake on July 24, 2014, weeks before the volcanic earthquake swarm began in southeastern Iceland. In 2010 a geologist reported that Askja’s magma chamber was inflating and predicted increasing volcanic activity. Magma from the Bárðarbunga volcano, intruding into a 40 km long set of fissures at depth, is now moving towards the Askja volcano which erupted violently 7,700 years ago creating this caldera.

Code red has been downgraded to Code orange by Iceland’s Met Office because eruption is not imminent, but experienced vulcanologists have been stunned by the growing 35 – 40km long dyke which now connects the fissure systems of Iceland’s three largest volcanoes. As a general rule, eruptions stay on the fissure systems of one volcano because magma will follow a fissure system’s existing planes of weakness. The forces controlling the movement of magma now are acting on a larger scale than the scale of one volcano. While Iceland’s Met office is speaking calmly of a possible small eruption other vulcanologists are discussing the possibility of a large rifting eruption that could have major impacts on Iceland and possibly Europe. (Please read Rei’s series of reports to understand the possible impacts.)

attribution: Iceland Met office http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/articles/nr/2949

The dark blue dots represent earthquakes that began on August 16 at Bárðarbunga. Red dots are today’s earthquakes. Earthquakes are color coded by day.

Apparently, a block on the northeast side of Bárðarbunga’s inner and outer calderas dropped blocking access to Bárðarbunga’s fissure system and magma moved southwest along the fault where the block dropped down. Bárðarbunga’s magma then found a zone of weakness on Grimsvotn’s fissure zone and headed northeast. What’s really surprising and concerning is the north turn of the earthquakes out of Grimsvotn’s fissure zone towards Askja. It isn’t clear how, but apparently the inflation of Askja reported in 2010, or recent rifting forces altered the stress field northeast of Bárðarbunga. Bárðarbunga’s magma was captured by Askja’s fissure system and is now heading towards the south side of Askja’s caldera.

If the fissure stops moving north towards Askja, the Met Office’s scenarios, stated in today’s update, are relatively benign.

There are no indications that the intensity of the activity is declining. Currently, three scenarios are considered most likely: 1) The migration of magma could stop, attended by a gradual reduction in seismic activity. 2) The dike could reach the surface of the crust, starting an eruption. In this scenario, it is most likely that the eruption would be near the northern tip of the dike. This would most likely produce an effusive lava eruption with limited explosive, ash-producing activity. 3) An alternate scenario would be the dike reaching the surface where a significant part, or all, of the fissure is beneath the glacier. This would most likely produce a flood in Jökulsá á Fjöllum and perhaps explosive, ash-producing activity. Other scenarios cannot be excluded. For example, an eruption inside the Bárdarbunga caldera is possible but presently considered to be less likely.

But what will happen if the magma continues to move north without erupting for a few more days?

Update 11AM EST 26Aug14 Earthquakes Continue Moving North towards Askja

Stronger and deeper earthquakes have been observed in the last 12 hours near the tip of the growing fissure. This may be evidence that the rock is colder and stronger in this region which has thicker crust than directly under the hotspot where the fissure started. Crustal rocks above a certain temperature are ductile and don’t rupture in earthquakes. The lack of earthquakes below 15 km provides a lack of information on what’s happening below that depth. It is not evidence that nothing is happening. The M 4.6 earthquake near the rupture tip just before noon today Icelandic time was the largest earthquake observed away from the caldera. The M5.7 earthquake after midnight on the north side of the caldera was the strongest earthquake yet in this earthquake swarm. Iceland’s Met office reported that 50 million cubic meters of magmawas injected into the dyke system yesterday.

As the rupture pushes north the odds of a violent eruption increase.

Volcanologist Haraldur Sigurðsson claims that it is possible that the underground magma from Bárðarbunga may seep into the volcanic system of Askja volcano and ignite a powerful eruption in that region. Still, he thinks it is more likely that the current activity will not lead to any activity above ground.Haraldur talked to reporters at Stöð 2 and RÚV yesterday and reminded them of the Askja eruption in 1875, which led to years of hardship in Iceland and contributed to the massive exodus of Icelanders to America.

Beautiful 360 degree panoramic view of Askja at this link.

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Bárðarbunga: A Brief Update | Daily Kos

TUE SEP 02, 2014 AT 08:45 PM PDT

Bárðarbunga: A Brief Update (updated x1)


I planned to do a nice detailed report on a lot of fronts but other issues were unfortunately calling my attention this evening; I couldn’t manage to get through my source materials, and now I’m dead tired. So this entry will be just a quick update instead.

The quick summary on the eruption and all of its connected components? Nothing is better, things are possibly worse, and more experts now agree on one thing: in all likelihood, this thing is just going to keep on pouring out.

Time for an Eldfjallavakt.

Let’s not dance around things – time to dive right in.


Activity in the eruption is reported to not be in decline, and the area of the flow has reached six square kilometers. The flow is still six kilometers from the main branch of the river Jökulsár á Fjöllum, but will shortly be / already is crossing smaller branches. This sudden water interaction can lead to steam explosions. At least three explosions have already occured (which are believed, but not yet confirmed, to have been from water interaction). There’s more recently been some unsual activity (sudden flareups and flaredowns) on the Mila feeds which might possibly be explosions. It’s hard to say at this point. At the time of writing, the cameras went from showing very bright to quickly showing absolutely nothing. Bad weather? I have no idea what the cause is. But they’ve been showing nothing for quite some time. The last reports on the lava fountains were that they were at times getting even taller, with reports as high as 200 meters (comparative reminder: the Statue of Liberty is 92 meters from the ground to the tip of the torch). I personally would want to see confirmation of that 200 meter figure before I accept such a large number, but needless to say, they’ve been at times quite large indeed.

Powerul quakes in record-setting abundance continue impact the caldera. Random quaking activity continues in the Askja system. Quake activity remains down in the dike, as the magma has an easy conduit out and no longer needs to break rock to do so. Scientists keep expressing concerns that the eruption could migrate south under the glacier or north into the Askja system. All of this remains unchanged from the previous day.

The consensus position of the scientists at the research organization ÍSOR is that this will most likely be a long, protracted event, for the same reasons we’ve been reporting here: that the magma appears to becoming from the deep reservoirs rather than shallow magma chambers. They also point out, as has been pointed out here, that the comparison with the Krafla Fires is erroneous, as this event has far greater volumes and influx rates of magma at its disposal. They however hold to the theory that Bárðarbunga is subsiding rather than inflating. They offer no explanation for the GPS readings or the depths of the quakes. They simply interpret the “roof” of the magma chamber as being 10 kilometers deep (abnormally deep for an Icelandic magma chamber), and the lack of quakes underneath is interpreted as the magma chamber being directly over another, even larger magma chamber. In their alternative interpretation of the situation, they still reach the same conclusion: that the quake storm could potentially lead to a major Bárðarbunga eruption.

Here’s the map:


Now for the pictures:


This below set from Einar Guðmann are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The small scale doesn’t do them justice, view them at full scale! And remember when you look at them: these eruptions are the size of skyscrapers, stretching out over a kilometer and a half, with a multi-square-kilometer lava flow.


I have not yet received any data on the exact rate of gas emissions, but let’s just leave it at “very high”. As discussed in the news, reports are coming in that the sun in Egilsstaðir is showing up as a strange blood-red color. This is to be expected, that’s common when SO2 from volcanic eruptions is dense in the atmosphere above and was widely reported during the global climate-changing Laki haze – not just over Iceland, but much of the northern hemisphere. Egilsstaðir, while 100 miles away from Holuhraun, is the direction in which the clouds are currently blowing; in fact, the clouds now over half the way to Svalbard and northern Norway.

That’s all I have time for now. I’ll try to get some good updates during the day. Góða nótt!

Update, 13:00: I wrote an update this morning but apparently it didn’t submit or something. :Þ But just as well, because there’s some fresh news going on.

Reports just came in that there’s a sigdalur (“subsidence valley”) that’s formed in Dyngjujökull. I’m not sure what the best translation of that is – “graben”, perhaps, or maybe “rift valley”. But rather than being from a subglacial eruption, it’s believed to be due to such extensive rifting that the entire glacier above has started subsiding into the rift. We’re talking a rift that’s apparently up to 1 kilometer wide, according to seismologist Kristín Jónsdóttir. The depth of the new subglacial valley is at this point unknown. “This is spreading storm which we’ve been watching since 16 august, the plates moving in opposide directions. So we see this rift valley – Þingvelliris an example of a rift valley, naturally a very big rift valley.” The new rift begins approximately 2 kilometers past the terminus of Dyngjujökull.

This would explain the concentration of quakes in that area that I’ve commented on several times in the past. Updated for clarity: This does not mean that the plates have pulled a kilometer apart from each other; it means you have a slanted break on each side, and as the plates pull apart, the block in the center slides downward along the slant.

Back to the eruption. As I wrote before (but nenni ekki to take the time find links again), there has been a report in the decrease in fountain activity this morning (which corresponds with the view on the Mila cameras). Fountains are reportedly down to no more than 40 meters. However, this is not due to reduced input. Rather, according to Kristín, the outflow rates are now no longer matching the inflow rates, and as a result pressure is building in the dike again. There’s now an elevated risk of the eruption spreading to underneath the glacier or the dike extending northward again. The Met Office is now working on a fresh flooding risk assessment for the areas that could be hit by a potential jökulhlaup..

A number of roads, previously opened after the lava eruption reduced the risk of flooding, are reclosing. This was announced before the above news came out, so I’m not sure on what information that decision was made – but it’s definitely the right call.

The lava flows continue to expand. The largest “tongue”, to directly translate the Icelandic, now reaches 7 kilometers from the fissure. It grew 500-600 meters while I was sleeping, 400 meters wide. This “tongue” is moving to the northeast, although there are other tongues in different areas. There’s a good diagram of the day-to-day growth here. These tongues are dominated by the large rivers of slow-moving magma which you can see in the photos posted yesterday.

Eruption rates yesterday were estimated to average 100-150 cubic meters per second, slightly more than the day before. The total area of the flows is now 7.2 square kilometers. Gas emissions continue to flow east-northeast, in the direction of Egilsstaðir. The most recent composite satellite SO2 image just barely missed Iceland but caught a large chunk of the emissions on their way to Svalbard.

A 5.5 magnitude quake struck in Bárðarbunga’s caldera last night, among others. This is the second most powerful thusfar. There have now been 13 quakes over magnitude 5 since the event began. The Met Office should seriously consider extending the height of their magnitude scale; quakes greater than magnitude 5 normally happen only once every year or two, but here they’ve been happening daily.

And on we go.


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A short update on the energies

Thank you Aisha! I love the way the CC’s seem to be not only supporting our navigation of the “new”, the process of the Shift and current changes, but at the same time they are guiding us patiently through the exact teachings the ancients left us on how to achieve “enlightenment”. I know this is essentially the same process, but it appears so different as a collective effort and experience. Even though we still experience much of the isolation in day to day physicality, the connection to this pond, and our fellow travelers feels so much more direct and accessible than the more familiar in the teachings of old “void”.
As always, I am so grateful to you and others like you who maintain your own grounded and centered state so well in order to share this wisdom with all of us.

aisha north

As the time changes, you too are accelerating your growth in every direction. And so, as night becomes day and you awaken, what you will find will be something very different from the day before. Let us explain. By now, you have grown accustomed to this ever increasing speed of light, and so, as you continue to hurtle ever onwards, carried forth by this increasing flood of light, you will find yourself as if new, almost from one moment to the next. And so it is in every aspect and in every way. For you are no longer those pillars of petrified matter you used to be. No, now you are shimmering, omnipresent fields of energy that continuously transforms as these energies continue to shift at an ever increasing rate. So now, here is no good in looking back, for if you do, you will not only become dizzy because…

View original post 706 more words

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Truthout Daily Digest Monday, 1 September 2014

One Hundred Ways to Change the Subject: Plutocratic Fallacies in the Service of Fast-Food Exploitation

Jeffrey Nall, Truthout: Fast-food worker demands are being met with “plutocratic fallacies” attempting to justify exploitive wages and division among workers. But as a consumer you can support alternative, ethically-inspired businesses, and follow practical steps to express solidarity with the fast-food labor movement.

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Dean Baker | Labor Day Victories to Celebrate

Dean Baker, Truthout: In recent decades the news for the country’s workers has been mostly bad. We’ve seen stagnant wages and anti-union court rulings. It would be easy to go on about how bad things are, but it is worth highlighting a couple of good news items against this backdrop.

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Disposable Life

Max Silverman, Histories of Violence: We have become less and less aware of the changed environment in which disposing of lives takes place and the forms that disposability takes, so that we no longer recognize what is staring us in the face.

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What Black Women in West Philadelphia Had to Say About Women’s Equality Day

Jasmine Burnett, RH Reality Check: “Rarely are black women interviewed in their neighborhoods and asked about a policy’s impact on their lives. As such, on the days leading up to Women’s Equality Day, I felt it was time to begin asking black women about their experiences with laws that secured their right to vote.”

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Global Warming and Economic Crisis Lead to One Solution: Climate Jobs

Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network: May Boeve from 350 and Bruce Hamilton of the Amalgamated Transit Union discuss how the environmental and labor movements have united to organize the People’s Climate Summit in New York City.

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Thom Hartmann | If Unions Are Breaking Automakers, Why Are BMW and Mercedes So Rich?

Thom Hartmann, YES! Magazine: In Germany, auto workers get paid well and their companies still profit. In his book The Crash of 2016, the author explains why living wages and corporate success don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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Heralding a National Trend? Enrollment Surges as New York City Begins Full-Day Prekindergarten for 50,000 Kids

Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now!: As the school year begins, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is launching his signature initiative of full-day universal prekindergarten at public schools. More than 50,000 children have already enrolled and thousands of additional teachers have been hired.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

The Humanity of Michael Brown

Ian Haney López, Moyers & Company: Dog whistle politics may hurt almost all Americans, but its basic technique is to dehumanize minorities, scaring voters with spectral images of welfare cheats, illegal aliens, invading hordes, potential terrorists and, perhaps especially, black men as menacing criminals.

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Let’s Give Workers Something to Cheer About

Robert L. Borosage, OtherWords: It’s been a long time since workers have been truly celebrated. That’s because the union movement that gave us this holiday is a shadow of its former self. If we really want to give workers something to cheer about, we need to revitalize unions.

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Bank of America Settlement and the Need for Legal Aid Lawyers

Julia Gordon and Sarah Edelman, Talk Poverty: One of the best ways to prevent unnecessary foreclosures is to provide struggling families with a legal aid lawyer. While the state guarantees legal representation for any criminal proceeding, there is no such guarantee in civil cases.

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The United States’ War Hawks Back in Flight

Danny Schechter, Consortium News: With the United States government-and-media war hawks back in full flight – preparing to swoop down on Syria as well as Iraq – wiser heads might reflect on the chaos that previous adventures have caused.

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Russian Foreign Minister Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Ukraine

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Labor History: The First Factory Strike

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At Least Five Ferguson Officers Apart From Brown Shooter Have Been Named in Lawsuits

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Restaurant Industry’s Low Wages Leave 40 Percent of Workers in Near-Poverty

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Inequality: A Broad Middle Class Requires Empowering Workers

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As Bombs Go Silent, Testimonies Mount That Israeli Soldiers Used Gazans as Human Shields

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Top Ten Working Class Hero Films

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