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A short update on the energies

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Thank you Aisha! I love the way the CC’s seem to be not only supporting our navigation of the “new”, the process of the Shift and current changes, but at the same time they are guiding us patiently through the exact teachings the ancients left us on how to achieve “enlightenment”. I know this is essentially the same process, but it appears so different as a collective effort and experience. Even though we still experience much of the isolation in day to day physicality, the connection to this pond, and our fellow travelers feels so much more direct and accessible than the more familiar in the teachings of old “void”.
As always, I am so grateful to you and others like you who maintain your own grounded and centered state so well in order to share this wisdom with all of us.

aisha north

As the time changes, you too are accelerating your growth in every direction. And so, as night becomes day and you awaken, what you will find will be something very different from the day before. Let us explain. By now, you have grown accustomed to this ever increasing speed of light, and so, as you continue to hurtle ever onwards, carried forth by this increasing flood of light, you will find yourself as if new, almost from one moment to the next. And so it is in every aspect and in every way. For you are no longer those pillars of petrified matter you used to be. No, now you are shimmering, omnipresent fields of energy that continuously transforms as these energies continue to shift at an ever increasing rate. So now, here is no good in looking back, for if you do, you will not only become dizzy because…

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