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Truthout Daily Digest Wednesday, 3 September 2014

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The Fight for Universal Pre-K: New York Charts a Checkered Path Toward Equal Early Education

Sarah Jaffe, Truthout: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio touted universal pre-kindergarten as a way to fight inequality. But the program shows inequalities of its own.

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LA Rapper and Childhood Friend of Ezell Ford Demands Apology After Police Wrongly Claim He Is a Gang Member

Bethania Palma Markus, Truthout: The Los Angeles Police Department union issued an “officer safety alert” about a video they claim suggests “revenge” in the police shooting death of Ezell Ford, but the rapper who made the video in protest of his friend Ford’s death said police describing him as a gang member has endangered him.

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Nine Years After Katrina, Coastal Restoration Plans Remain Distant Dream for New Orleans

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: The scars of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans that remain nine years later are a reminder of the city’s vulnerability to rising tides and storm surges. Both Katrina and Rita, a hurricane that followed just weeks later, washed away miles of coastal marshland, Louisiana’s first line of defense from storms.

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US Court Sets Precedent by Ruling Guatemalan Domestic Violence Victim Can Seek Asylum

Cyril Mychalejko, teleSUR: The top US immigration court ruled this week that women from other countries fleeing domestic violence and fearing for their lives can now legally seek asylum in the United States.

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New York City Clinic Offers Abortions and Prenatal Care to Underscore the Reproductive Justice Continuum

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout: As the abortion rate continues to fall, clinics across the United States are adding services, including prenatal care, for their patients. For some, it’s a way to stay financially viable; others see it as a way to ensure reproductive justice for all.

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Politicians Show Their Gratitude Where It Count$

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: As the world burns, our political class whoops it up with the plutocracy, whether in Martha’s Vineyard or at the Kochs’ posh retreat in Southern California.

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Safety Board Final Report on Lac Mégantic Disaster Is Sharply Critical of Railway Regulation, but Federal Government Unmoved

Roger Annis, Vancouver Observer: Canada’s Transportation Safety Board issued a 181-page report detailing the breakdown in application and enforcement of federal rail safety regulations that caused the deaths of 47 people in an oil train disaster in Lac Mègantic, Quebec, in July.

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Forget Tiananmen, You Don’t Want to Hurt the Chinese People’s Feelings – and Miss Out on the Business of the New “New China”!

Arif Dirlik, International Journal of China Studies: The successful turn to global capitalism in the aftermath of the suppression in Tiananmen Square has been at least as important as the censorship of memories in the “forgetting” of the massacre among the Chinese population.

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If Only American Kids Could Eat School Lunches Like They Do in France

Clarissa A León, AlterNet: The standard school lunch for an American child often contains dishes brimming with preservatives and sodium – a far cry from French school lunches, which are carefully planned for nutritional value and prepared fresh on-site.

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Former Prisoner: “Orange Is The New Black” Is Not Funny

Beatrice Codianni, The Courant: The Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” isn’t funny to the women who served time in Danbury Federal Prison. Beatrice Codianni knows, because she was one of them.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: The Importance of Labor Unions and Meaning Behind Labor Day, and More

Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program: Celebrating Labor Day should mean commemorating the key role unions played in winning benefits we take for granted now; women still earn just cents on the dollar compared to the income of their male counterparts; young people are not the only ones burdened by student loans; and more.

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For Powerful Politicians, It Pays to Lose an Election – Just Ask Eric Cantor, New Wall Street Millionaire

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: There are few careers in which you can gain a fortune by losing your job, but being an influential politician in Washington is one of them.

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Ban on Gay Marchers in NYC
St. Patrick’s Day Parade Lifted

Read the Article at The Christian Science Monitor

Israel Slammed for West Bank Land Expropriation

Read the Article at CNN

US Troop Numbers in Iraq Rise Above 1,000

Read the Article at The Guardian

ISIS Video Shows Execution of US Journalist Steven Sotloff

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Emanuel Received More Than $100,000 From Comcast Before Boosting Merger

Read the Article at International Business Times

Armed Open-Carry Activists Harass Protesters at Anti-Gun Violence Rally

Read the Article at The Everlasting Cop Stoppers

Judges Express Fears Over NSA Phone Surveillance at Appeals Hearing

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