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Veterans Open Mike This Sunday in Tampa, Florida

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I know this is a relatively small local event, but I want to share in case anyone is local and interested. Also because I am so inspired by this project and I think it would be wonderful if people in other places-even other countries-created something similar.

War is a horrible thing, it leaves scars both visible and invisible. I feel that these kind of supportive community based events can be a catalyst for both healing and building stronger community connections.

Governments tend to use soldiers as disposable commodities-forgetting about their needs as soon as they are no longer useful. But veterans are our loved ones, our classmates, friends and family. They are not disposable!

I think too that non-soldier survivors of war and conflict can also benefit from this sort of supportive and creative outlet for emotion and healing.

So if you live nowhere near Tampa, consider creating something like this in your hometown. All you need is a coffeehouse-or anywhere people can comfortably gather and a bit of determination:-)

If you don’t do Facebook, Meetup.com is also useful for creating public events.

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The monthly VETERANS & Community Open Mic is this Sunday, September 7th @ Sacred Grounds Coffee House!

We’re very excited to offer a FREE Creative Writing Workshop just before the event, facilitated by local Slam poet, Dennis Amadeus! Open to all veterans, family members, caregivers, friends, local artists & community members who want to support veterans’ voices. Whether you’re interested in learning new skills for self-expression, or looking to break writer’s block, or working on lifting a piece from the page to the stage, this workshop is for you! No admission, just one drink minimum (coffee/tea/smoothie/etc). Come explore your creativity, and stay for the Open Mic!

5-6:15 PM FREE Creative Writing Workshop

6:30-9 PM Veterans & Community OpenMic

Also, this week’s Open Mic will feature aSPECIAL GUEST ARTIST, musician & singer Aida Shahghasemi! She’s incredible, you definitely don’t want to miss Aida … Hope you can join us!

Please help us spread the word … Flyer attached – please forward & post! Here’s the FB event page (join for updates & invite friends!):


Hope to see you at Sacred Grounds Coffee House this Sunday!

In Solidarity,



Andrea Assaf

Artistic Director

Art2Action Inc.




Read more about “Creative Arts Reintegration” with The Carpetbag Theatre, the PRRC “Voices of Recovery” Veterans Drama Troupe, and Art2Action @ http://art2action.org/veterans-in-tampa

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