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The Oracle Report | Saturday, September 6 – Sunday, September 7, 2014


NEW AUDIO REPORT August 22, 2014 –

“Holding the Line: Virgo 2014 Cycle”


Saturday, September 6 – Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire) and Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: reacquaint yourself with the feeling of desire

Negative Imprint: rigid routine, inability to cope, feeling “better” than others, artificial, attempts to gain sympathy, isolation, self-sacrifice for martyrdom

Positive Imprint: rehearsals and practice, nurturance, self-care, listening to the inner voice/the higher self, simple shows of love/appreciation, delicacy, following the path of the mystic

We are lucky, lucky humans this weekend. Our two “guardian angels” Shodashi and Matangi, the aspects of the Great Goddess Gaia Sophia interfacing directly with humanity this month, are close at hand drawing the trajectories of our lives into proper course. We are afforded protection and guidance.

Shodashi works in finer things – fine details, fine materials, fine elements. She is refined and elegant. But she works in strong strokes – sonic booms, tectonic changes, and ripple effects. She is relentless and has an endurance that is often interpreted as youthfulness. She is understood to be forever young.

Matangi, when assisting Shodashi, is a clean up force of reckoning. But she is careful – deliberate – to direct her winds in the appropriate way for everyone. If the situation is within natural law and equal for everyone, she gently sweeps away anything that is no longer of service. If the situation is outside of natural law and unequal, she will sandblast away at it with it winds known as the Furies, weakening it decisively.

This weekend, Shodashi undertakes very fine handiwork to craft the lines of our lives into better shape. As the Goddess of Form and Symmetry, the Goddess of Beauty, and the Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire, getting things into a proper format is important to her. Getting us into a proper format is important to her.

We can facilitate her handiwork by first trusting and then adjusting to the internal and external changes that are taking place. Issues of safety and security are core themes of the weekend’s energy. If this becomes a problem, mentally and emotionally “fall back” into the fine lace net of support that Shodashi has woven. Let go of the trouble(s), and breathe a sigh of relief as you fall into the comfort and cushioning of universal support. It’s like a fluffy pillow top bed with the finest linens. See why we are lucky this weekend?

Dreams, creativity, and inspiration are at super-high levels, bringing us information and opportunities. Conjuring a mindset of love for life and an ongoing search for beauty puts us right in line. The job for wise owls is to hold a line of love for life mixed with an eternal search for beauty. In this way, the line is an “undercurrent” that maintains cohesion through times of chaos and strife. We are smack dab in the middle of such a time. We know the potential for a strike to the heart of humanity but we know that there is more to the story. We are immune – neutral – to the assault on the mind. With one eye we see through the darkness and with the other eye we see to the light.

Amidst tensions, it is wise to relax. Answers come to us after relief. Move slowly and gently through the weekend’s energy and do your best to enjoy life. Be young at heart. A wave of desire seeks to unlock your path, but you have to be alive enough to know or remember what desire is.

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